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Embracing Love: Responding to Violence

Embrace love in the midst of fear and tragedy. Image by Gisela Fotografie,

Image by Gisela Fotografie,


A Prayer for Texas

“O God, our hearts and minds recoil from the slaughter and suffering in Sutherland Springs. Comfort and strengthen families, friends, and first responders. Be with all who are grappling with violence and death around our world. Multiply the efforts of those who are agents of healing and peace.

Deliver us from feelings of helplessness, apathy, and defensiveness. We know that we cannot legislate away all of the effects of human brokenness; we also know that we are not called to sit silently on the sidelines when confronted with injury, pain, and death.

Give us and give those who represent us the wisdom, will, and tenacity to work to protect the vulnerable. We offer this prayer in the name of the One who has promised to do more in and through us than we dare dream or imagine. Amen.”

— The Rev. Harriet Bryan, Senior Pastor, Madison Street United Methodist Church, Clarksville, Tennessee