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Embracing Love: Responding to Violence

Embrace love in the midst of fear and tragedy. Image by Gisela Fotografie,

Image by Gisela Fotografie,


A Prayer for Las Vegas

“Our minds can hardly process the mass shooting in Las Vegas, O God. Expand our capacity to love and to pray in the midst of all we do not understand and cannot comprehend. We ask you to be with those who are in shock and grieving, those who are waiting to hear from family and friends, those who are working to create order out of chaos, those who are agents of your healing and mercy, those who will be haunted by images that they cannot unsee, those who are wracked with guilt over unspoken words or broken relationships. 

Walk with us through our fear, our outrage, and our pain, and enable us, as we are confronted with the fragility of life, to put our trust in you, our Rock and our Refuge. Amen.”

— The Rev. Harriet Bryan, Senior Pastor, Madison Street United Methodist Church, Clarksville, Tennessee