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Video Tutorial: Find-A-Church Events and Ministries

The Events & Ministries homepage shows all of the events currently listed for your church.  Use the menu on the left to view each category separately.  The number indicates how many ministries are currently listed in each category.

Be sure to read the help text in the gray box at the top. 

To add a new entry, click + New Event/Ministry button.  Here you can add the Preferred Name (if there is one), then choose a Display Category and Type.  These fields will be part of the advanced filters for visitors searching for specific events and programs.

Choose a target audience, which will also help visitors as they search.

Add a brief description, which can include a direct link to a page on your website. 

Choose a schedule for when this event or ministry takes place.  For weekly events, choose the day of the week and the start and end times when it occurs. 

If this ministry has no specific meeting time, choose “Ongoing, no set date.”  This may be appropriate for disaster relief support or visitation ministries, for example.

If the event happens on a specific date, for example, a community health fair or candlelight worship service, choose “Specific start/end date” and pick the specific date and time on the scheduler. 

If this event takes place at a location other than the church, enter the name of the location and the address next.  After submitting the update, the map pin and coordinates will automatically populate.  You can further adjust the map pin if needed.

If this event or ministry has its own Facebook, Twitter or other social media, choose it from the dropdown and enter the URL.  Add all of the social media accounts for this ministry by clicking +Identity.

The Event Registration feature is coming soon.

Click Submit to save and submit your updates for this page. 

To edit an existing ministry listing, choose from the menu on the left and click Edit.  There you can add to or update the information for that ministry or event.  Click Submit to save your changes.

Now you’re ready to move on to another section.  If you’re completely finished for today, simply close this page. Be sure you submit your changes before closing the page.

You will receive an email when your updates have been published. Visit your profile to view your changes.

If you have questions at any time, email