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Video Tutorial: Find-A-Church Church Details

The Church Details section includes the primary contact information for the church.  This is the first information visitors see at the top of your church profile.

Be sure to read the help text in the gray box at the top. 

To add or change the phone or fax, enter the area code in parentheses and the number.

Email is often the preferred way to contact the church, so be sure to include an email address. 

Enter the web address for your church website.  The URL will automatically become a live link on your profile, so visitors can click and go directly to your website.

Check the mailing address and physical location address for the church.  The location address populates the Google map that helps visitors find your church.  You can adjust the map pin to the exact church location in the Welcome section. 

Click Submit to save and submit your updates for this page. 

Now you’re ready to move on to another section.  If you’re completely finished for today, simply close this page.  Be sure to submit your changes before closing the page.

You will receive an email when your updates have been published. Visit your profile to view your changes.

If you have questions at any time, email