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The Cross and Flame is highly recognizable. This means that when people see our logo, they connect it with The United Methodist Church. As a whole, we engage in national advertising to help raise both awareness and positive perception of the brand, and by connecting with the symbols of the brand, you are further strengthened.

One of the ways this recognition occurs is through consistent use of the logo. The following section is designed to help you do that.


Cross and Flame

The Cross and Flame is the most recognizable symbol of The United Methodist Church. This benefits our denomination, as the people in your neighborhood will immediately recognize The United Methodist Church. Read More


Brand Promise

The “Brand Promise” is our commitment to everyone who interacts with The United Methodist Church. To reinforce this promise, we display it in a consistent and legible way, specifically as it relates to our logo. Read More


Churches — Logo Templates

For clear and consistent recognition, we have established a way for your local church to use the Cross and Flame yet retain your unique identity. Read More

Upon request, United Methodist Communications can develop a United Methodist-branded logo for your church  — at no charge. To learn more, please email


Ministry — Logo Templates

Many local churches, annual conferences, and agencies have special ministries that work within the community. We wish to see each ministry’s work increase through the strength of The United Methodist Church brand and use of the Cross and Flame. Using your local church ministry logo requires some understanding of what all the parts are, how they work together, and how they differ from the local church logo.

To find your logo template, begin by selecting the type of ministry:

Agency Ministries
Annual Conference Ministries
Local Church Ministries


Subbrands - Logo Templates

Some agencies have special subbrands or campaigns, and we have taken this into account. First: Consider whether the subbrand or campaign is a public-facing or internal communication. If the work is more public-facing, you might choose to give the campaign its own logo (e.g., Rethink Church). If your work is internal, read this section to learn more. Read More


Other - Logo Templates

For logo needs that are not in the category of the agency, conference, ministry, church, or subbrand.Read More