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Church Events

People are finding your local church events ONLINE through Find-A-Church.  People in your community are  looking for ways to connect with you.

National advertising directs seekers to to connect with local congregations through volunteer opportunities and through Find-A-Church.  Learn more about Rethink Church at

Registration is coming soon for local church events through Find-A-Church.

For your local church, this helps you

  • gather information about volunteers or participants for your local events.
  • stay connected with people who signed up by sending timed reminders and more information about your event

If your events are related to Creation Care, Education, Global Needs, Humanitarian, Health, Homelessness and Hunger, seekers in your area will find your event on the map at

How will you add registration for an event at your church?

  1. Add the event to your Find-A-Church profile.
  2. Complete the fields being sure to include a specific date and time.  Enter coordinator information if the event has a coordinator.  The church email will be substituted if an event coordinator isn't listed.
  3. Enter the registration limit.  This is the maximum number of volunteers or participants your church event may accommodate.  When the limit is reached, registration will close automatically.
  4. Once registration is available for your event, look for confirmation and reminder emails.  These messages will include timely tips on publicizing your event and communicating with volunteers and participants as well as links to the registration page and your events registration report. 
  5. A registration button will be added to the event on your church's Find-A-Church profile.

Don't forget

Share your registration link through social media and your church website.

Keep your Find-A-Church profile up-to-date.  Whether you need event registration or not, visit to review your church information and make any needed changes. 

Questions?  Email

Find-A-Church and Rethink Church are both ministries of United Methodist Communications.