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May 2-8 is Christian Family Week

5 great outreach ideas for families

Be the church that helps families form priceless memories that will last long after a free night of babysitting. These ideas are a great place to start. Read More

United Methodist Church News

John Barclay III credits his Young Clergy Initiative-funded internship at Brunswick United Methodist Church, in Crystal, Minn., with confirming his call to pastoral ministry. He cites the chance to preach as particularly important. Photo by Sydnee Bicket for The Eli Project.

General Conference 2016 News

The Young Clergy Initiative, climate change, Plan UMC. United Methodist News Service brings you the latest coverage of General Conference 2016. Read More

For Delegates

Members of the Virginia delegation huddle to discuss possible next steps after the United Methodist Judicial Council ruled the proposed

Resources for General Conference Delegates

Headed to GC2016? United Methodist Communications has advice on reporting, free logos, templates and more, to help you share your experiences. Read More

Ideas for Discussion

10 fascinating facts about John Wesley and United Methodism

Did you know Wesley coined the term "agree to disagree," took cold-water baths and traveled far enough to circle the earth 10 times? We didn't either. Talk amongst yourselves. Read More

General Conference 2016

2016 General Conference Guide

New guide (available as PDF) offers helpful information like events details and schedules, explains the legislative process, highlights major issues and offers basics about United Methodism. Read More

Free Graphics

Celebrate God’s Creation: Art for Social Media

Share a message of gratitude for the beautiful world we live in. Graphics for Facebook are free and easy to upload. Read More

For Church Leaders

Top 10 church faux pas that turn off millennials

Don’t hate on social media; do be deeply spiritual. These are just two tips for ministering with millennials. Many of the faux pas are turnoffs no matter your generation. Read More

Welcoming Resource

Welcoming Ministry online course, United Methodist Communications.

Welcoming Ministry Online Course

It’s all about hospitality. We help churches recognize how they fit into the landscape of their community so they can serve it better. Read More

Increase Church Vitality

United Methodist Church at Summer Avenue and Highland Street in Memphis, Tennessee. Photo by Thomas R Machnitzki, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons; edited by

Online Course: Increase the Vitality of Your Church

By examining 5 common behaviors of highly vital congregations, self-paced course provides leaders with the tools to increase their church’s vitality. Course dates: May 4 - June 15. Read More