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MInistry Resources

Embrace love in the midst of fear and tragedy. Image by Gisela Fotografie,

Embracing Love: Responding to Violence

The tragic news of another school shooting in Florida compels us to ask again how the church can be voice and witness against violence. Read More

Lenten Study

The ashes used on Ash Wednesday are commonly made by burning the palm branches used from the previous year's Palm Sunday celebration. Image by sterlsev,

Lenten Study: Resisting Racism

One must be willing to learn, change, and act in ways that disrupt and dismantle racism. These resources will help individuals and groups in this Lenten journey of transformation and resistance. Read More

Seasonal Resource

Sunrise at Belin United Methodist Church, Murrells Inlet, SC. Photo by Austin Bond Photography.

Lent and Easter: Sharing the message of God’s love

This collection of seasonal resources offers creative ideas for worship and for reaching out to your community to proclaim this season's message of love, hope and transformation. Read More

Social Media

Live Q&A: Social media for churches

This live learning session will briefly overview social media platforms and then delve into your questions about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Read More

Seasonal Resource

Outreach Resources for Easter

Start planning your Easter outreach using our customizable resources, which include postcards, door hangers, poster, worship bulletin, and outdoor banners and yard signs. Read More

Lenten Resources

Lent is a great season to start or expand a small group ministry — either face-to-face or online — and introduce new participants. Image by Pearl,

Grow together with small-group studies during Lent

Lent is a great season to start or expand a small group ministry — either face-to-face or online. Choose one of these new studies to guide your group's journey. Read More

Communications Resource

How to better communicate with your congregation

These ideas will help you make sure that all your messages — from the Sunday sermon to event announcements — are being clearly and consistently communicated to everyone in your congregation. Read More

Involving Volunteers

How can virtual volunteers help your church?

Even when they can’t be physically present, there are people who would love to lend a hand in cyber service. Make a plan and start recruiting virtual volunteers today. Read More


The Woodlands United Methodist Church, near Houston, Texas, has a dedicated team of volunteers to support the disability ministry, including Carol Baker.

Celebrating diversity: Welcoming all abilities

“When I read the Gospels and think about Jesus’ ministry, I notice that he never passed by anyone with a disability," said Sharon McCart, chair of the DisAbilities Ministries Committee. Read More

Worship Resource

A time to laugh: Using humor in worship

Humor can be a non-threatening, yet meaningful, way to communicate God's love. Read More


Encourage people to consider prayerfully how God is calling them to participate in the ministry and by financially contributing to your church’s mission. Photo by Ben White,

How to talk to your congregation about giving

As a church leader, you may be in the uncomfortable position of asking your congregation to give generously. Use these tips to help craft a positive invitation. Read More

Social Media Resource

How to respond to trolls, haters, and honest feedback on Facebook

It is not a matter of if, but when, you will have to deal with negative content on your church’s Facebook page. Learn how to handle these touchy situations. Read More

Social Media

How to use social media to restore trust in the church

Trust is central to the relationship between your church and community. Discover actionable tips that turn your online channels into powerful tools for building that trust. Read More


Church members gather for a musical program by the Mark Beachy Family Singers following a potluck supper at Leipsic (Ohio) United Methodist Church. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Keeping your church safe from violence

Church leaders find themselves grappling not only with the pastoral and theological questions of members, but also practical concerns about how to keep their flock safe. Read More

Creative Arts

Bring the beauty of the arts to your church

While the church often incorporates the musical arts into worship, there are a variety of other artists who can use their talents to glorify God. Read More

Prayer Resource

Innovative ways to encourage people to pray

The practice of prayer may be ancient but the application doesn't have to be. How can churches encourage and enhance the experience of prayer? Read More

Worship Tips

Worshippers at Easter fill Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, where attendance has been on a steady rise. Photo by Joseph McBrayer.

Tips for including church members in your service

Help the members of your congregation find a deeper connection within the church by engaging them in the planning and execution of worship services. Read More

Worship Resource

5 lessons from a hilarious spoof on contemporary worship

"Sunday's Coming" is a "movie trailer" made by a large church poking fun at their own worship. It's obviously a spoof, but also contains some powerful lessons. Read More

Communications Resource

How to develop an excellent church communication plan

Download templates, worksheets and daily planners to clarify your goals and maximize outreach! Read More

Ministry Resource

How to attract millennials to your church

Learn what millennials like and what turns them off. Seek out personal relationships with them, and help them see the relevance of the church for the world and for their own lives. Read More