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For the Season

ReThink Advent Photo-a-Day 2016

Advent Photo-a-Day Challenge

Do you post photos on social media? Spread the Good News during Advent by posting a daily photo with one of these themes. Read More

Rethink Church

Advent National Advertising

The new RETHINK CHURCH Advent Campaign invites viewers to find the true meaning of Christmas through mission and service. View

Advent and Christmas Outreach

4 great Advent outreach ideas

Most people want to make the season about more than decorating, shopping and parties. Help your congregation and individual members reach out to the community in new ways this Advent. Read More

Stewardship Resource

John Wesley's famous advice on stewardship: Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can. Photo illustration by Cindy Caldwell; image by Kathryn Price, United Methodist Communications.

John Wesley on giving

John Wesley considered giving an integral part of Christian discipleship. He believed that giving financially was an expression of the commandment to love God and neighbor. Read More

Ministry Resource

Enroll NOW to receive Interpreter Magazine for 2017

Subscribing only takes a few minutes and doesn’t cost a thing. Each issue provides content and ideas to help fuel the spiritual growth of your church's leaders and members. Sign Up

Preaching Resource

10 creative ways to explore a Bible passage

Let's be honest. Sometimes the Bible is hard to understand. Break out of the box with these creative ways to unlock meaning and better communicate the message of each passage. Read More

Stewardship Resource

Send a thank you note to your givers. Image designed by

How to thank your amazing givers

Small expressions of appreciation help donors feel loved and involved with ministry. Increase the desire for donors to give with these five creative ways to say "Thank you!" Read More

Stewardship Resource

5 ways to increase giving in your church

Money can be a touchy subject, especially when we start talking about how churches can increase donations. Here are a couple ways to increase giving without feeling like a pitch-person. Read More

United Methodism

Communion. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Teaching the who, what and why of The United Methodist Church

If someone were to ask a member of your congregation, "What is a United Methodist?" what would you want them to say? Or not say? Read More