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Student Ministry

13 ways to stay connected with college students

Students often leave the communities where they have grown up. Here are some ways your congregation can help young people maintain their connection to God and their faith community. Read More

Preaching Resource

The Rev. Arthur Jones is a fan of TED Talks and gave one in April at a TEDx event in Plano, Texas, where he is associate pastor of St. Andrew United Methodist Church. Photo courtesy TEDxPlano.

Top TED Talk lessons for preachers

Pastors and churches find these idea-sharing talks to be good models for communication. “They’re a great source of ideas, content and presentation style,” according to Rev. Arthur Jones. Read More


A moment from a worship service at Garfield Memorial United Methodist Church near Cleveland, Ohio

Celebrating diversity: How one church became multiethnic

Learn how Garfield Memorial United Methodist Church in Ohio became a thriving, diverse congregation that lives into its mission to “widen the circle.” Read More


Teen with backpack ready for school. Image by Pixel Creative,

Back-to-school outreach ideas

Back-to-school time offers an incredible opportunity to reach out to your community. Many churches sponsor drives for supplies and clothes. Here are some additional ideas. Read More

Ministry Resource

How to attract millennials to your church

Learn what millennials like and what turns them off. Seek out personal relationships with them, and help them see the relevance of the church for the world and for their own lives. Read More

Market your church

Using video to promote your church. Image by PublcDomainPictures, Inset worship image by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

5 out-of-the-box ways to use video to promote your church

Unleash your video creativity to increase the effectiveness of your church promotion. Read More

Pastoral Transitions

A guide to pastoral transitions: Day 31 and beyond

Pastors have 90 days to prove themselves. In part one you learned how to quickly assess the congregation and community. Now the focus needs to be on translating those insights into action. Read More

Seasonal Resource

Fall pumpkins, squash and gourds. Image by Alexas Fotos,

Festivals, Thanksgiving and team building this fall

We’ve gathered our best ideas to rock your fall festival, boost morale and engage your church in thanksgiving. Check out easy – and cheap – tips for a cool fall season. Read More

Preaching Resource

Use the art of storytelling to resonate

Our faith is rich in stories of transformation and forgiveness. You can use the stories of Jesus, the apostles, John Wesley and many others to create fundamental change in your community. Read More

Social Media

4 ways to use Facebook Live at church beyond the worship service

Extend your livestream ministry and connect with a growing online congregation. Read More

Summer Ministry Resource

Keep your congregation connected during the summer

Take advantage of technology, Find-A-Church and giving opportunities to help maintain church ties when people can't physically attend services or small groups. Read More

Social Media Resource

Use Facebook Live to stream your church events

Facebook Live makes streaming your worship services incredibly easy. Here’s what you need to know. Read More

Teaching Resource

5 reasons you need the new United Methodist Handbook

The new United Methodist Handbook is packed with denominational details, beliefs, history and maps. Find out how you can use this valuable, free resource with your congregation. Read More

Stewardship Resource

Mother teaches child about money and stewardship. Image © Liderina,

Fun ministry ideas to teach kids stewardship

It is important for the church to help teach stewardship to children. One fun way to do this is to turn allowance money into "Bible Bucks." Read More

Social Media

Image of Sistine Chapel scene for social media. Edited from original, United Methodist Communications.

Awesome social media opportunities for churches

Use social media to glorify God, let your congregation's voice shine and reach your community. All you need is a little time and understanding to... Read More

Men's Ministry Resource

10 quick tips to fire up your men’s ministry!

An effective men's ministry tells them that your church cares about their interests and needs. It also encourages, promotes and sponsors activities that will attract the men in your congregation. Read More

Social Media

10 more ways to use Instagram to promote your church (part 2)

If you have a good grasp on using Instagram for ministry, then dive deeper and learn even more ways to promote your church and connect your congregation. Read More

Social Media

How Instagram can breathe life into your media ministry, (part 1)

No longer do you need fancy equipment. Your social media team can take and share pictures faster than ever with their smartphones and an Instagram account. Read More

Technology Resource

Computer hacks: 7 amazing methods for United Methodists

Free tools and simple tasks save hours of mindless typing and boring computer chores! Read More

College Ministry

5 ways to connect with college students during the summer

The key to connecting with college students is meeting them where they are in their life and helping them connect their life with their faith in God. Read More

Outreach Resource

5 great outreach ideas for families

Be the church that helps families form priceless memories that will last long after a free night of babysitting. These ideas are a great place to start. Read More