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Social Media

Would John Wesley have used hashtags?

Would John Wesley have used hashtags? Since social media phrases inspire action, he probably would have been all in. Interpreter Magazine explores the theology of... Read More

Online Training

Communicating Faith in the 21st Century is an online training course provide by United Methodist Communications.

Communicating Faith

Trying to navigate modern communications with a "biblical" perspective? Online course teaches ways to share transforming stories using a blend of traditional and digital technology. Read More

For Leaders

5 stages every high performing team must experience

Successful teams consistently follow a predictable path of forming, storming, norming and performing. Achieve greatness while leading your church's various groups. Read More

For The Local Church

Photo by Marian Trinidad, courtesy of CreationSwap.

How to care for the children in your congregation

Just because children are small doesn't mean they are less important. Give children the best environment and spiritual education that you can provide. Read More

Communications & Marketing

How to save money with technology. Article by United Methodist Communications. Photo cropped from original.

How to save money with technology

Pinching pennies is never fun, but cutting costs can be good stewardship. Here are several ideas on how to save money using technology. It’s not as hard as you might think. Read More

Free Logo Service

Photo by Michal Jarmoluk, courtesy Pixabay. Edited from original.

How to clarify your church’s brand

Why does your church’s brand matter? Because everything about it creates a first and ongoing impression. People attach strong connections to a brand. Just ask Nike or Starbucks. Read More

United Methodist News

Map shows the borders of three central conferences in sub-Saharan Africa. The Africa Central Conference, in gold, proposes splitting itself into four. Map by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications; edited from original.

Read the latest news from around the connection

Africans look at changing the church's map. United Methodists among dead from bloody attack in Beni. MARCHA attendees call on members to vote. Read More

For Leaders

Jesus and Peter on the Water, photo by Pierce Brantley, courtesy of CREATIONSWAP. Cropped from original by United Methodist Communications.

5 ways Jesus taught how to teach others

Jesus modeled five clear ways to develop the people he led. Follow in his steps and your church will grow. Read More

For the Local Church

How to get people in pews by creating excellent content

The world of social media is full of people clicking, reading and promoting things for free, but how do you get them to do that for your program, event or worship service? Read More