Church Marketing Plan
Step 1: Values and Vision

Adjusting Your View and Moving Ahead


    Now that Your Marketing Plan Team has:


    • Read the Introduction and completed the:
      • Congregational Demographic Report
      • Congregational Behavior and Response Report
      • Community Demographic and Behaviors Reports
      • Church Budget and Staffing Report

    It's time to take the first step to lay the foundation and set direction. This step will help your Marketing Team identify:

    • Who your church is. (Church Values).
    • Where your church is going. (Church Vision).

    Step 1: What's Involved


    Action Steps

    Marketing Plan Deliverables

    • Core Values
    • Demographics
    • Church Vision Statement
    • Key Messaging/Elevator Statement


      church mission
      What will I learn?
      During Action Step 1, your team will participate in a retreat to help you identify your church values, church vision and church mission. This will lay the foundation and set the course for your Church Marketing Plan.

      Reading through the Homework and reflecting on prepared reports will help you:
      • Gain a better understanding of how values shape actions and decisions.
      • Reflect on your personal values to help you hone in on the church values that attracted you and drew you to this congregation.
      • Prepare for the team retreat by taking time to visualize the church's future. This prep time may come out of previous strategic planning that you and/or other church leaders have done in the past, or it may be borne out of the time you set aside to pray, reflect and dream about where God is taking your church.
      • Understand the importance of vision clarity and unity before going into Action Step 1.
      church vision
      How long will it take?
      One to 1.5 hours (longer if you choose to do further study).


      Download Worksheets

      Homework 1: Values
      Homework 2: Vision

      Action Steps
      church mission
      Marketing Plan Team members will participate in a Values & Vision Retreat. 

      church vision
      How long will it take? 
      Planning: Two to three weeks.
      Retreat: Three to four hours.

      church values

      • Celebrating and reflecting on history and current successes helps us hone in on what is important to our church.
      • Discovery of values needs to be a collective process. Bringing many leaders together will help us identify the four to five values that are CORE to who we are.
      • To bring leaders together for vision clarity and unity.

      What will I accomplish?

      • Through the process of celebrating and discussing church moments, people, actions and decisions, the team will uncover values that are core to the church.
      • The team will reflect on where the church has been and in what direction it is heading so they can clarify and unify around the church's vision.
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      Additional Reading & Resources: Recommended books for Marketing Plan Team to read:

      Download Step One:

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