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At Grace Kids UMC, it’s all about the kids

At Grace Kids United Methodist Church in Kentucky, it's all about the kids. This unique congregation focuses on attracting and ministering solely to children and youth. Read More

Communication Resource

More than 100 people from the Greater Northwest Episcopal Area participate in

When the topic is tough, we need to talk — and listen

Difficult conversations provide opportunities to work toward deeper understanding and to model “ways to remain in communion with each other even when you disagree,” says the Rev. Gary Southern. Read More

Faith Formation

Ways for families to encourage faith formation during summer vacation

Does it feel like everyone in your congregation takes a break from Sunday school in the summer? These ideas will help families nurture and support their children's faith during vacation season. Read More

Summer Ministry Ideas

Summer sun shines through grass. Photo by Mario Trunz,

Plan for Summer

Vacation Bible School, service projects and retreats may be a child or young person's introduction to church. We compiled our best ideas for having fun and nurturing relationships this summer. Read More

Church Marketing

Marketing your church to moms: how to do it better

Marketing your church to moms goes way beyond honoring them on Mother’s Day. Here’s how you can do it better. Read More

Social Media Resource

Which social media platform is the best for getting your message out? Illustration by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications.

The best tips from our professional advertising team on leveraging social media for your paid advertising.

Social media is a crucial platform for getting your message out. But how do you choose which service to use? Get some tips from a... Read More

Women's Ministry

Build a better women’s ministry with technology

Despite their stressful schedules, women need ways to become more spiritually engaged. Here are a few tips to help your busy ladies find downtime, fun and fellowship. Read More

Social Media

2018 Christian Home Month Resources

Christian Home Month, celebrated typically in May, helps congregations develop and strengthen faith in the home. Resources include family worship and devotional activities on fostering peace, the 2018 theme. Read More

Social Media Resource

How to use location as a social media secret weapon

Facebook and Instagram have introduced new features and updated existing ones that highlight location. Utilizing these features offers the opportunity to be seen by more people in your community. Read More

Social Media

How to make church memes and why they matter

Lighten up and ride the wave of viral memes as a part of your marketing strategy. Learn how to promote events, recruit volunteers and share scriptures with style! Read More

Preaching Resource

The Rev. Michael E. Williams preaches at West End United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, where he served as Senior Pastor until his retirement in June of 2017. Photo courtesy of West End United Methodist Church.

The Pastor as Chief Storyteller

Pastors tell stories that shape us — from the Bible, history, and personal faith — and remind us of who we are, what we value and who we are to be. Read More

Marketing Resource

Church marketing on a shoestring budget

These top recommendations will help you get the most out of your marketing dollars. Read More

Social Media

It is time to resurrect Facebook Groups

Conventional wisdom has been to focus on Facebook Pages rather than Groups. Thanks to a renewed focus from Facebook, groups are back and can help online communities connect more deeply. Read More

Church Marketing

How a small church can build a big marketing plan

Learn how small churches with limited resources can dream big and achieve their goals for local visibility. Read More


Church members gather for a musical program by the Mark Beachy Family Singers following a potluck supper at Leipsic (Ohio) United Methodist Church. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Keeping your church safe from violence

Church leaders find themselves grappling not only with the pastoral and theological questions of members, but also practical concerns about how to keep their flock safe. Read More

Communications Resource

How to better communicate with your congregation

These ideas will help you make sure that all your messages — from the Sunday sermon to event announcements — are being clearly and consistently communicated to everyone in your congregation. Read More

Worship Resource

5 lessons from a hilarious spoof on contemporary worship

"Sunday's Coming" is a "movie trailer" made by a large church poking fun at their own worship. It's obviously a spoof, but also contains some powerful lessons. Read More