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    Outdoor advertising can be a wonderful way to get your message out to lots of people passing a specific place,seven days a week, 24 hours a day, in the areas you feel are most important. It is a unique medium in that it communicates to an audience on the go -- usually in transit, and always away from home.

    Church billboards can communicate simple yet powerful messages, and can be used as an invitation to your church. Billboard advertising can also provide simple directions to your church.


    In an age of ever-increasing specialization, with media focusing on smaller and smaller slices of the population, outdoor advertising -- particularly billboards -- remains the champion of the generic and the all-inclusive. Far from a tightly targeted medium, outdoor is positioned as a way to reach large, undifferentiated audiences. But that brevity can sharply limit its use. In addition, some consider outdoor billboards an environmental eyesore. However, used correctly, outdoor billboards can be highly effective.

    When you embark on an outdoor campaign, you could be working with as many as three different vendors (for space, artwork, production). So, in planning your outdoor project, you should take the date you want your billboard up by and back up at least six weeks. This will help ensure that you do not pay for a board that remains blank for several days or even weeks.

    Six weeks will give you ample time to find an outdoor vendor, negotiate a contract, select an expression, determine customization and allow time for artwork creation and output production. Bear in mind that many billboards have extended contracts and may not be available right away.


    You can view and order all the direct outdoor ads online at the Media Warehouse . Bus shelters are also available. Call us for details.

    More information is available about outdoor billboards from Igniting Ministry:

    • Billboard sizes
    • Paper vs. vinyl comparison
    • Negotiating placement
    • Resizing ads


    Do you have an Open Hearts TV billboard or other outdoor advertising you need resized?

    Just call Igniting Ministry to help resize or customize, toll free (877) 281-6535. Or e-mail: IMgraphics

    Outdoor billboards are too large to be downloaded and must be ordered on CD through our Product Store. (see Platinum CD Collection).

    How to



    Decide which billboard you are interested in. You can then contact the company (you can find the company name and the location code number at the billboard base). Typically, outdoor billboards fall into one of three categories:

    1. permanent locations with long-term contracts of 6 months to a year (vinyl wrap, 48'x14');
    2. rotary locations whereby artwork/creative is rotated every two months (during 6 months to a year) to a predetermined set of locations you pre-approve (again, vinyl wrap, 48'x14'); and
    3. poster panels which are typically sold in multiples based on the percentage of the local population you are trying to reach (paper, 25'x12').



    14' x 48'  
    10'5" x 36' called "Bulletin"
    10'5" x 22'8" called "retro-fit"
    12' x 25' called "30-sheet/bleed board"



    Igniting Ministry billboard ads are available in the 5 standard sizes, by contacting UMCom. Choices can be viewed at mediawarehouse.org by choosing "Outdoor" from the dropdown menu. Call us early in your project - we've got lots of tips but time is crucial!

    • It is industry standard that billboards printed on vinyl have a life of about 90-120 days.
    • Billboards printed on paper (posters) have a life of about 30 days (be sure to produce enough for the life of your campaign).

    The process:

    1. select billboards/outdoor vendor
    2. determine desired art work and customization
    3. execute the space contract (might require a credit application)
    4. produce any artwork resizing or customization
    5. finished ad is sent to outdoor vendor who will post ad in 5-10 business days

    When placing a billboard, your total outdoor cost will be based on 3 elements:

    • space/media = visibility (location and impressions) and placement schedule (weeks/months) and size/number of billboards;
    • output = type (vinyl or paper); size; quantity; and
    • production = the artwork and customization.

    Your local outdoor company may offer to handle both media and production and only comparison shopping will determine whether this will be a bargain for you. (We can provide a comparison quote from our outdoor vendor.)

    Before you sign a contract with an outdoor company, it is recommended that you ask to see the media portion of the cost and the production portion of the cost broken out separately. TIP: Our Media Glossary can help explain any strange advertising terms you may encounter.

    An outdoor vendor should provide a quote for the project and give a "materials due date" for you to plan against. This due date will drive the timeline for your entire project!


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