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    » 2014 web hosting reviews for churches
    » 3 out-of-the-box ideas for using cell phones in worship
    » Google+ Authorship. Yes, you need this!
    » Should your church be LinkedIn?
    » Audio recording for church podcasts from start to finish
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    2014 web hosting reviews for churches
    2014 web hosting reviews for churches
    Shopping for a new web hosting solution is tough. So instead of delving into the exhaustive web hosting abyss, we consider the church's needs first and then offer several of the best affordable solutions.
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    3 out-of-the-box ideas for using cell phones in worship
    3 out-of-the-box ideas for using cell phones in worship
    What if we took advantage of that incredible little tool most people have at their fingertips? Learn how cell phones can actually help people stay engaged and interact with worship services.
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    Game Changers Summit
    UMC Game Changers Summit: Information & Communications Technology for Development
    Join Adam Hamilton for a six-week journey to England following the life of John Wesley.
    Google+ Authorship. Yes, you need this!
    Google+ Authorship. Yes, you need this!
    Forget about, Google+ (G+) as a social network. It is now more of a platform for Google's tools, including search. Learn how G+ can bring awareness to authors, boost website performance and improve your search marketing efforts.
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    Should your church be LinkedIn?
    Should your church be LinkedIn?
    You've probably received an invitation to connect on LinkedIn, but does your church need to be there? Do you really need another social media platform? Here's what you need to know.
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    Audio recording for church podcasts from start to finish
    3 free steps to start your podcast today
    If you know how to get your podcast up and running, it's time to listen carefully and make sure you are recording great audio. Here is what you should consider.
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    Destination Unknown
    Destination Unknown: Don't just lead
    your youth to service. Drive them!
    Reentry: Help youth share what they
    learned on their mission trip!
    Online Training Course:
    United Methodism 101
    Dates: July 23 - Sept. 3

    United Methodism 101 is designed for new church members and anyone else wanting to know more about our history, structure, beliefs, ministries and challenges.
    New UMC Online Courses
    Register through July 22
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    » 5 key millennial research findings churches should know
    » Make giving easy: Services, credit card readers & more
    » How to move people to give or take action
    » Connecting with the "unplugged" in your church
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