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Make giving easy: Services, credit card readers and more

Online giving has its own set of complexities and options; however, it is becoming easier to navigate the set-up process. New options for online giving... Read More

8 summer retreat ideas: UMC camp history and locations

8 summer retreat ideas: UMC camp history and locations

Ministry's great minds often take learning vacations together during the summer. Research and find a camp, Christian retreat center or chautauqua near your church and... Read More


This is the place to get connected to churches in your area. Find-A-Church is a ministry of United Methodist Communications which provides a variety of... Read More

5 key findings new millennial Research

5 key millennial research findings churches should know

Knowing who millennials are is an incredible tool in spreading the message of Jesus. Learn how the new data can help you reach this generation. Read More

Be a better email communicator in 2014

Email has slowly become the primary communication channel for many churches. Are you sure people read your emails and act appropriately? Learn how to increase... Read More


8 tips on developing church survey questions

If used properly, research can be a powerful tool in your communicator’s toolkit. Yet, research is only as good as the methodology and questions you ask. Learn the best practices for church survey design. Read More


Tips for getting people to open (and read) your email

Drawing on the work of successful political campaign strategists and professional email marketers, here are some of the best tips to get people to open... Read More


5 social media guidelines for churches

Sometimes the most difficult part of managing social media is figuring out how to actually use it to effectively build relationships without crossing any lines. Read More

Creating an ebook step-by-step

With the rise in eBooks, you may wonder how hard it is to put one together and sell it. The answer is, “Easier than you... Read More