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    During this highly technological age, advertising with Church Media is vital to communicating your welcoming message across to potential new members. Below, you will find information about placing church commercials and tv ads nationally and locally.  See the left navigation for information about other media types.

    Placing church TV ads is a great way to reach out visually to seekers.  The centerpiece of the Rethink Church media campaign are 30 second television commercials (sometimes called "spots") designed to reach out to newcomers, 25-54 years old. In their own words, newcomers are searching for "spiritual renewal," or "spiritual fulfillment" or "new meaning in life." Each spot uses everyday language to address the audience with an intimate message that conveys different attributes of The United Methodist Church and extends an invitation to to be a part of the body of Christ. Underlying almost all of the 30 second commercials is a scriptural basis.  View the TV spots.


    Television conveys emotions and images that reflect the message we are trying to communicate and it can reach 95 percent of our target audience if you use broadcast television stations (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC) and 72 percent if you use cable (TNT, CNN, A&E, USA, etc.).

    Cable rates vary greatly depending on when and where you want your ad to run, the time of the year, and the size of the audience. Different companies will offer different rates, discounts, and promotions, and everything will be negotiable.

    In most cases, you'll want to pool funds with neighboring churches and conference directors of communications to stretch your media placement dollars. Local television advertising should be placed on broadcast stations (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC) because they have the greatest 'market penetration' (more households will see the commercials). If you choose broadcast television, try to purchase time around your local news. This is prime time for the 25- to 54- year-old target audience. When broadcast television is unaffordable or unavailable, a second option is local cable television. This still allows the advertising message to be communicated through television, the most desired medium for the campaign.

    Igniting Ministry has some helpful hints about buying TV advertising .

    Call the Rethink Church office for assistance with any media service or just answer your questions: (877) 281-6535.

    There are six "expressions" (groups of similarly-themed adverting) that convey the different attributes of The United Methodist Church.

    • Diversity
    • Good Works
    • Love Letters
    • Rain
    • Breaking News
    • Classified

    Each commercial has 3-4 seconds available at the end (the "tag") available for customizing with local information. This customization includes a BRIEF audio voiceover as well as a visual tag. Experience has given us some lessons:

    • Remember, with only 3-4 seconds your message must be succinct
    • For maximum audience impact, your visual tag should mirror your audio tag

    In order to preserve the integrity of the campaign nationwide, this customization is only performed by the Igniting Ministry offices at United Methodist Communications for a nominal charge, plus shipping. For more information or to place an order, call (877) 281-6535.

    You can preview Rethink Church commercials on the Rethink Church YouTube channel.

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