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For Pastors

How to avoid ministry burnout: Take care of yourself!

Ministry burnout may contribute to obesity, hypertension, depression, even shortened life expectancy. Learn the key steps to staying healthy. Read More

For the Local Church

Annual health check-up for the church

Even churches need annual checkups to make sure that all is well. Take time to seriously consider the following symptoms and what treatment may be... Read More

Free Online Course

Online course,

What It Means to be United Methodist

This online course is designed for new United Methodists and anyone wanting to know more about the denomination. Read More

Marketing Research

Excerpt from research conducted by United Methodist Communications on what draws seekers to church.

Why do people go to church? New research

A new survey of spiritual “seekers” aged 18-34 found spiritual growth and genuine community are top motivators for attending church. Read this and other reports... Read More

Special Sunday Resources

World Communion Sunday is a special offering supporting education and scholarships. UMC Giving is a service of United Methodist Communications.

October 2 is World Communion Sunday

Countless gifted people are unable to obtain the education they need to succeed. Pastors and Leaders Kit empowers your church to support "world-changing" leaders of the future. Read More

For Local Church Leaders

3 ways to encourage gratitude in the church

Did you know that being thankful reaps health benefits as well as spiritual ones? It's true. Here's a few ways to express thankfulness in your life and ministry. Read More

Advice Worth Sharing

Photo by ©CreationSwap/Kevin Carden. Cropped from original by United Methodist Communications.

How to love your church by letting go

How can you love your church more? Quit. Don't worry. You read that right. Here are a few of the things you should let go of when loving your church. Read More