New Issue of Interpreter Offers Practical Suggestions to Rethink Church

Rethink Church — United Methodists everywhere are abuzz about what those two words really mean. And the May-June 2009 issue of Interpreter Magazine gives United Methodist churches tools to tackle the topic while highlighting innovations already begun.

In addition to offering Rethink Church information through its enticing cover package, the new issue of Interpreter shows how The United Methodist Church is embracing social media to reach the next generation — and encourages pastors and congregations to use technology as a tool to touch lives. United Methodists are logging on to social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and My Space to talk about their lives, their churches and the topics that affect them. Many church leaders see using Web-based gathering places for young adults as a way to be “Wesleyan” in their ministry, as a way to go to where the people are. The United Methodist Church is even using YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to spread its message.

In the new issue of Interpreter, you will read story after story illustrating how United Methodists are “rethinking church:”

In Portland, Ore., members keep their church refrigerator stocked with frozen dinners. EVERY member has the authority to reach into the church’s food pantry to provide help to the hungry.

Few things get the creative juices flowing like a steamy latte. A United Methodist Church in Kansas moved its senior high Sunday school class to a coffee shop — and considered the typical teen’s sleep schedule when setting the start time.

Rethinking church has already put a dent in the number of malaria deaths in Africa. Other articles about worldwide ministries will encourage you to rethink what The United Methodist Church is and how to be a part of it.

Bottom line, the May-June Interpreter shows Rethink Church is far more than a media campaign. Rethink Church is a new vision for The United Methodist Church. It is a call for everyone who bears the name, United Methodist, to get involved. It is designed to open your mind to ways you and your congregation can RETHINK CHURCH.

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