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What Customers are Saying about UM Program Calendars


The Rev. Jeanne A. Parr
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The Rev. Jeanne A. Parr, who serves the tiny, rural Pisgah United Methodist Church in Maryland, will be among the first to place her order.  "The official United Methodist program calendar has everything I need," she explains.

SHE'S NOT ALONE. "I find the large spaces beneficial in scheduling, keeping events and activities up-to-date," notes Kim Olofson, administrative assistant at the 375-member Christ First United Methodist Church, Jamestown, N.Y. "The reminders for special Sundays help to make sure the offering envelopes are inserted into the bulletins."

And people in large-membership congregations such as Foothills United Methodist Church, La Mesa, Calif., also find the program calendar a great ministry resource. Says Carol S. Paton, director of music ministries at the 1,300-member church, "As a worship leader, I find it invaluable as a lectionary tool and liturgical calendar."

"We use the reproducible calendar to put in our bulletins to give our congregation a snapshot of our events." - Julie Kern, Beaver (Pa.) United Methodist Church
2014 Reproducible Calendar
2014 e-Calendar
"The electronic version is the only full-feature electronic calendar on the market that can handle all my needs and appointments. I use the calendar on my iPad. I am never without my iPad; therefore, I am never without my calendar at a moment's notice. How handy and useful!" - The Rev. Thomas A. Topar, Marchand (Pa.)
A longtime United Methodist agency employee started using the pocket cal­endars the year they were introduced - 1982. She recently unearthed a shoebox full of three decades' worth of history.
2014 Desk Blotter"I post the blotter calendar on the wall for publicity planning, marking events with different colors when they are published to different platforms (bulletin, e-newsletter, social media, website)." –Maria Waldrep, First United Methodist Church, Orlando, Fla.
"I use the calendar with worship planners and leaders and as a Christian education resource in workshops and classes I lead."  -- The Rev. Jacqulyn Thorpe, adjunct faculty, Wesley Theological Seminary, Washington.
2014 Classic and Standard Calendars