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Once upon a time ...

These familiar words tell us we're about to hear a story.

The best stories grab our attention, captivate us, and inspire us to action.

Jesus was a storyteller. He used stories to explain and to bring his teachings to life. Every church has a story.

You may know that story, but are you sharing it with your community?

There's an art to storytelling, and we've got a palette of tools and resources that can help you craft your narrative.


Grow Your Congregation

Your congregation has written a story since your church was founded. It's a story of faith, ministry, mission and love — and your members continue to write it every day.


Tell your story through this online directory of U.S. churches. Your church already has a profile that includes contact details, worship times, a map and staff. Review and update your information now.

Encourage your church leaders and members to share this website with newcomers and others who aren't currently active or committed to church but are searching to give their lives deeper meaning. They will discover relevant content that encourages spiritual growth. Go to site.


Branding helps tell your visual story. Using our denominational branding in your print materials and online presence helps connect you to the worldwide church, building recognition and trust. See our online branding toolkit or take advantage of our free design service.


Church Marketing

The Church Marketing Plan Tool will help you assess the current state of your congregation and then look outward to the needs of your community through creative communications and ministries.We have more resources to help you, including:

The United Methodist Handbook

Useful for leaders, members and visitors, this free resource contains a wide range of information about our global church and how we live out our ministry and mission.



Tell Your Story Through Social Media

Social media allows you to share your message through text, images and videos — all while connecting to your community. We'll help you curate your online story.

Social Media Content

Once your social media channels are in place, start telling your story! Here are some ideas and tips:

Communicating in the 21st Century

Our online training course will equip you to successfully blend traditional and digital communications.

Register for this course.

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Make Your Website an Online Storybook

Many people decide whether to visit your church based on your website. For members, your website is home to practical information, updates and content. Make a good, digital first impression with an online presence that welcomes visitors and engages members.

Your church website

Whether you have a website that needs updating or don’t have one at all, United Methodist Communications has several ways to help.

  • The first step is updating your Find-A-Church profile, which is our online directory of United Methodist Churches.
  • Take our online course, Your Church Website. The course introduces the tools to plan, build and launch a successful online strategy.
  • We offer an affordable web hosting service, which includes WordPress branded themes and plug-ins. The service starts at less than $10 per month.

Website Tips and Tools

Design Tips

From page design to content planning, you'll find advice to help you create an engaging website. Learn more

Search Engines

Ever hit a dead end with Google results? Google is geared for the masses, which is why you should know about some great specialized alternatives. Show me!

Finding Images

Great stock imagery is available for free as public domain. You can modify and use the images for your site. Learn about some of the best online sources.


Discover Stories That Inspire

The United Methodist story belongs to all of us. A rich history alongside an inspirational contemporary message can unite and guide members to embrace their role as disciples who are transforming the world.

Invigorate your congregation by inspiring a more vivid, holistic journey of faith.

Everything you need to know about what it means to be United Methodist — what we believe, who we are, how we serve — can be found at

United Methodist News (UMNS)

As the official news agency of the denomination, UMNS provides an objective outlet for daily news, features and commentaries about the global church. Read news stories.


If you have questions about The United Methodist Church, get answers from the denomination's official information service. Ask a question!

Interpreter Magazine

Interpreter brings United Methodists together through stories of people, mission, ministries and ideas for making a positive difference in your church and community. Subscribe to our print and digital formats.

Grow more generous church members and congregations! Learn about how connectional giving and apportionments support mission and ministry globally. More

Global Voices

Diversity in our global denomination is essential to our connection. To help all of our members stay updated and inspired, United Methodist Communications offers content in French, Spanish and Korean.

French portal | Spanish portal | Korean portal

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Encourage church members to strengthen their daily walk with Christ by signing up for United Methodist Now, which highlights new content on



MyCom provides tips, tools, articles and videos that help leaders learn more about communications technologies and marketing.



"Compass: Exploring Community, Faith, God" delivers inspiration, insight and information for life.



Be a Better Storyteller

With resources, tools, and training opportunities, United Methodist Communications is here to support you so that you can develop and tell your congregation's best story.You are the curator of your church's story.

The official site of United Methodist Communications provides church leaders with communications, marketing and technology resources. Our content ranges from features about strategies and training to ministry ideas and storytelling tools for churches large and small, urban and rural.

Program Calendar

The United Methodist Program Calendar will help you plan your year of storytelling. Notations and checklists include church seasons, special offerings, upcoming observances and lectionary readings to help guide sermon and worship service planning. The calendar is available in a variety of printed formats and also as a mobile app. Order now.


This e-newsletter makes the constantly changing world of communications easier to master. MyCom's tips, tools, innovative articles and videos will help you learn skills and strategies that can help tell your church's story via communication tactics and technology. See our recent articles.

A new MyCOM church marketing podcast provides another opportunity to hear ideas and learn from experts. See episodes.

Online Training

Courses and webinars include topics such as welcoming/hospitality, church vitality, website development, communications and marketing and United Methodism. Learn more.

Rethink Church

Find information and resources relevant to adults who aren't currently active in a church, but are searching to give their lives deeper meaning. Learn more.