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Testimonials: The United Methodist Program Calendar

I love the wall calendar

“I love the wall calendar. I have it right above my desk, and every time I look up, I glance at it to see what I have coming up. It helps me stay on task because it gives me an overview of everything I am doing, month by month.” -- Patricia Bonilla, children and youth minister, Christ United Methodist Church, Deerfield, Ill.



I like the space

“I like the space available for listing multiple daily activities. I also like seeing the church year as it influences other plans … at the church, district and individual level. I go to a lot of meetings and like having room for all my notes.” -- Sue Stewart, Trinity United Methodist Church, Alexandria, Va.

I use both...

“I use both the Classic version for quick reference and guidance on lectionary readings, planning checklist and special dates AND the desk version for work with mission outreach and marketing committees. I use the calendar to begin my daily devotions, reading each Scripture twice throughout the week, plus there is the added benefit of the planning resources. Also, as a support to ministry, devotional tool and as a teaching tool in confirmation.” -- Rev. Krysta Deede, associate pastor, Cargill United Methodist Church, Janesville, Wis.

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