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Featured: Technology Deals for United Methodist Churches

How do technology discounts work?

United Methodist Communications keeps your church outfitted with the latest technology available with deeply discounted software from major suppliers like Microsoft and Adobe. Read More

Technology Deals for United Methodist Churches

United Methodist Communications provides discount software, discount hardware, and web solutions for United Methodist churches and ministries. Browse the online store for great deals!

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Is your church missing out on the latest bright, shiny thing?

It's good to be an early adopter! Just be practical and strategic. Do your research. Technology, while great, will not fix bad church strategy. Read More

Embrace technology to make meaningful family connections

You've heard it before. Technology is destroying our families. But research suggests otherwise. Here are a few ways to use technology to bring families closer. Read More

Online forms for dummies: Easy tips to save time and money

Easily collect emails, donations and volunteer registrations. This isn't up for discussion. Start saving time, money and the environment today. Read More

Digging Google Trends’ goldmine to craft great content

Need illustration ideas? Easily harness the data from billions of search hours to find hot topics, grab attention and foster memorable teaching moments. Read More

3 ways churches are using text messaging for good

Go ahead! Text in church. It's the preferred form of communication for so many, so it only seems logical to explore ways to utilize this technology in church. Read More

5 must-have mobile apps for worship

Worship. There's an app for that. Harness the power of the mobile app revolution for almost every aspect of worship. Read More

9 awesome tools for managing virtual teams

As much as possible, we focused on free options that integrate well with other programs. There are hundreds of similar apps, but we've chiseled it down to help you start... Read More

How virtual teams can change everything for church leaders

Virtual interaction is second nature to future church leaders. Some of us in The United Methodist Church need to get up to speed. Learn about the advantages and challenges now. Read More

Bridging the digital divide: Connect seniors to technology

Older Adult Recognition Day is observed in May. Connect older adults to technology. Discover ministries, games, music apps and smartphones designed for seniors. Read More