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Rethink Church Grants

RETHINK CHURCH helps local churches reach "seekers," the 42% of adults who aren't currently active or committed to church, but searching to give their live deeper meaning. These people want to be a part of making the world a better place for all people. RETHINK CHURCH helps them see your church as a relevant place for that to happen.




Church can happen anywhere, and RETHINK CHURCH wants to help. Consider partnering with other United Methodist churches in your area to apply for an event grant, invite seekers or visitors into your church community through our new digital advertising grants, or boost your new church’s presence through a new church start grant.

For more information on each of the grants mentioned, click the links below. 

Rethink Church Event Grants

Available to churches who work together to have a local community district or conference RETHINK CHURCH outreach event. Churches create change by taking action in the world beyond the church walls and raise awareness for a community/world need.

Digital Advertising Grants

New grant for churches wanting to reach more seekers and have visitors come into the life of their church. They are used to bring awareness to your church community and help you connect with potential members through online digital advertising. 

New Church Start Grants

We realize there are many new church communities forming and they want to make their presence known in the community. To help raise this awareness, our support for 2016 New Church Grants will focus on the need for promotional marketing items.