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Domingos Antonic lies dying of malaria at the provincial hospital in Malanje, Angola. Malaria is a also major health problem in Sierra Leone and one of the main reasons people come to the Kissy United Methodist Hospital in Freetown. The need is so great that the hospital has difficulty keeping nets and malaria medicines in stock. A UMNS photo by Mike Dubose


Foundation for United Methodist Communications

The Foundation supports United Methodist Communications in its mission to tell the stories of the church and its people. Using communication, technology, media outreach and training, together we seek to inspire the people of God to deepen their faith, to build community with others, and to make a difference by taking action. Learn more about our work to bring people to Christ, to support new churches and to strengthen the church in Africa.  Learn more the  Martha "Twick" Morrison Endowment.

Visit the website for The Foundation for United Methodist Communications

connectional Giving in The united methodist Church

What is connectional giving? It's as simple as people coming together, combining their money to accomplish something bigger than themselves. United Methodists support apportioned and designated funds through their connectional gifts.

By combining several smaller gifts into a larger amount, we can effect change across the world. Individual churches can minister to a small area; however, as a connectional church, we can do big things, all in the name of Jesus Christ.

Visit the website for UMC Giving

Global Health Initiative

The Global Health Initiative is a multi-layered, multi-faceted movement to engage the people of The United Methodist Church in an effort to significantly reduce the incidence of malaria and HIV-AIDS, and destructive effects of poverty.

This initiative seeks to involve congregations, annual conferences and the general agencies at the grassroots level to focus on the diseases of poverty with the full resources and skills of the global United Methodist community.

Visit the website for the Global Health Initiative of The United Methodist Church