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Digital Advertising Grants

United Methodist Communications is now offering Digital Advertising Grants to local United Methodist churches. This brand-new opportunity will help raise awareness of churches in their community by means of online digital advertising. United Methodist Communications will provide ads that honor the United Methodist brand, while advertising the local church. These ads will be purchased and placed for the churches by United Methodist Communications and is not a monetary grant.

  • These ads are pre-designed online ads that have a pre-set Rethink Church message that will link to your church website.
  • Having a working, welcoming church website with a UMC presence is what we look for in our approval process (See Digital Grant Criteria below)
  • We encourage you to make sure your church location and worship times are on your landing page so that when people click through to your website they will see this information.
  • The only customizable area on these ads will be the area where we will drop in your church name. All content is pre-set for the season the ads will run and cannot be altered in any way.

Digital Advertising Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and twice during 2016 - Easter and Advent. The application for the Advent grants is now CLOSED. (all 150 grant slots have been filled).

(All application slots have now been filled for Advent 2016.)We had an overwhelming response to the email that went out on 8/15/16 and the allotted 150 grant spaces were filled within a matter of hours - all to churches that have never received any type of grant before! If your church was unable to apply, please take advantage of the Advent resources available HERE.

Some will be free downloads and some will be free items in addition to a low-cost direct mail. Check out our ad in September's issue of the Interpreter Magazine.

We are developing brand new advertising for Advent 2016 and believe it will be more attractive to site visitors which we hope will encourage them to click through to your church website.

 Questions? Contact us by email at or call 877-281-6535.