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The Official United Methodist 2017 Program Calendar, produced by United Methodist Communications.

2017 Wall Calendar

Does everyone come to your office to check the calendar? Do you like a visible reminder of commitments in your space?

Tracking dates and programs on this eye-catching wall calendar is easy! The 24" x 18" page displays three months at a time, and an additional page shows the entire 2018 calendar as well.

Like all versions of the Official United Methodist 2017 Program Calendars, the Wall Calendar features Sundays of the church year, special observances like Scouting Sunday, national holidays, and more. The 2017 Wall Calendar is great in offices, meeting rooms, classrooms and anywhere church members need a visual reference.

The Official United Methodist 2017 Program Calendar helps you study, plan and record your daily life in detail so you can continue to tell the story of God’s love.

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