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2016 Classic and Standard Calendars

Got it!

Are you a scribbler with scraps of paper tucked here and there?  Do you take more mental notes than written ones?  Are you tardy because you are chronically forgetful?

Our Classic and Standard Calendars are organizational lifesavers.  Both are proven time-management tools used by church leaders who need quick access to EVERYTHING!  Agency contacts? Got it! Revised Common Lectionary readinings?  Got it! Planning / resource checklists?  Got it!  Everything else?  Got it!

Be a people pleaser! Purchase the calendar style that works best for each of your staff members.  Longtime customers suggest making another wise investment.  Just $2.95 buys a vinyl cover.

(horizontal and spiral, 11" x 8.5")
16100316 | $10.99
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(vertical and stapled, 8.5"x11")
16100317 | $9.95
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The program calendar keeps all of us singing off the same sheet of music. Not only does our staff use them, but so do our council chairs and key lay leaders. They allow us to plan around things that are happening in The United Methodist Church, and we rely on our program calendars to follow many of the activities, special church occasions and traditions that are listed. They connect us to the connection.

Rev. Ed Glaize, First United Methodist Church, Brewton, Ala.