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The 2017 United Methodist Official Calendar App is a product of United Methodist Communications.

The 2017 UMC Program Calendar App

You Asked for It; We Did It!  The 2017 Official Program Calendar App provides concise and functional access to Lectionary readings, Special Sundays, planning data and UMC agency information and contacts. You can also bookmark content for later use, add notes and annotations, filter by date or book of the Bible and easily share content with others. This mobile version of the popular Official Program Calendar of The United Methodist Church includes all the helpful information you’ve come to expect plus easy to navigate native mobile content. 

Download your free trial and purchase subscriptions:




This app is free to download and includes a free 14-day subscription with full access to all calendar data for those 14 days. Once the free trial has expired, you will have several options to purchase an ongoing subscription. If you elect not to subscribe you will retain valuable access to hand-picked articles from as well as UMC agency information at your fingertips. 

•    Purchase a quarterly subscription for access to dates in the current or near future periods. Quarters will be available in: Jan – Mar, Apr – June, July – Sept, Oct – Dec periods.
•    Purchase an annual subscription for access to dates in the current or next calendar year.

Your date-specific subscription provides you with lifetime access to the content you have purchased. Once you’ve purchased a particular content set it will not disappear from your device even if the date is in the past! 

Annual Subscription Example: On September 20, 2016 you purchase access to the full year of 2016 calendar data for $10.99. You will receive immediate access to the full calendar year of 2016 and the access to this specific content will never expire. However, you will not have access to 2016 calendar data unless you purchase it separately. 

Quarterly Subscription Example: On September 20, 2016, you purchase one quarterly content update for $3.99, dated Oct – Dec 2016. Once your purchase is complete on September 20, you’ll receive immediate access to all calendar data dated Oct 1, 2016 – Dec 31, 2016. You will not have access to dates outside this range unless you purchase them separately. 

All notes and annotations are backed up separately and securely so even if you lose all data on your local device, you will be able to access your added information and subscription content once you’ve restored your device. 

Sharing your subscription across multiple devices

If you have more than one device, e.g. an iPhone and an iPad, you can share your subscription across both devices.

Questions?  Visit our online help page or email