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VITAL: Churches Changing Communities and the World


Invite your entire community into the conversation with the VITAL sermon series, translating leadership principles and practices into the way lives of faith and fruitfulness are led.

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Online Training Course — 'Tools for Increasing Your Church's  Vitality'

The newest Rethink Church sermon series, "Vital" is based on Rev. Jorge Acevedo’s book, "Vital: Churches Changing Communities and the World." This free 6-week sermon series is free for download, and includes the following topics:

  • Week One: Vital: Vitality is the hope and dream of God for every church in every place. God has given us as a church family all that we need to be vital: the Holy Spirit with his gifts and fruits, and ordinary people to be instruments of community and world transformation.

  • Week Two: Led to Follow! The single most important leadership role you have is the way you lead your own life. No one else will lead your life for you. While you have to do this yourself, you have the amazing gift of a Christian community for support.

  • Week Three: Releasing God’s Dream in Me! A community of Christ-followers creates opportunities for people to connect with God, form relationships with Jesus Christ, and release God’s people to make the realities of heaven the realities of earth.

  • Week Four: You and I Were Made for Worship! Worship that is emotional, physical, holistic and sacrificial prepares us for a deeper relationship with God and fuels us to share the love of God with the world. How does our worship experience change and hearts, minds and behavior?

  • Week Five: Where Everybody Knows Your Name! A community of small groups offers connection points to invite new people into the congregation in areas that fit their needs and interests. Groups offer support, form our faith, and prepare us to go into the world as the hands and feet of Jesus.

  • Week Six: Joining Jesus in His Mission! Disciples demonstrate, illustrate and express God’s love to the world. How will we share the love of God with neighbors in our communities, our country and our world?

What Others are Saying

"Jorge Acevedo is a leader who understands that the vitality of any congregation is based on the health of its pastors, staff, members, and the systems that lead to dynamic ministry. By combining objective research on thousands of churches with his personal experience, he shares crucial behaviors for leaders and congregations that lead to fruitful ministry."

— Tom Berlin, Sr. Pastor, Floris UMC, co-author of Bearing Fruit: Ministry with Real Result