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Update Your Church Profile

Find-A-Church allows you to introduce your church family to the community. By updating your church profile, you will help seekers find your church.

Your profile serves as a powerful online tool for evangelism. You can connect with busy people in your community on their terms, on their time and in their comfort zone.

Find-A-Church has almost 35,000 United Methodist Church profiles gaining more than 12,000 page views daily. Take advantage of this tool and get started now!

Find your church and update your church's profile.


The Rethink Church ad campaign sends visitors to Through this interactive media website, seekers can find a church that matches their interests and preferences.

However, if your information is not updated on Find-A-Church, seekers will not learn much about you or the "doors" that can lead them into your church. They could miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

So what are you waiting for? Update your Church Profile today! And don't forget to visit Rethink Church.