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Thrive! Living the Life

Doctors tell us that, by taking care of ourselves, our lifespan can be extended. But, what good is a longer life if it doesn’t have meaning and purpose? What can you do to thrive?

Thrive! is a four-week series that will challenge you physically and spiritually to live a vital life in world community. Through applied principles, you’ll emerge with new perspectives on who you are and why you matter. The four-week series will help you understand why taking care of yourself is not just a good thing for you…it’s good for others.

Thrive! is developed by Rethink Church in cooperation with Imagine No Malaria. Local church health improvement activities are offered hand-in-hand with opportunities to improve the lives of those in Africa who are most vulnerable to malaria. With Thrive!, not only can we improve the health of our individual bodies, we can improve the health of Christ’s Body in the world today.

This thematic series for worship, study and churchwide activities is free and available for download.

 In addition to the series, the “Thrive!” multimedia bundle ($25) includes:

  • 8 Worship/Bible Study videos and a trailer showing how faithful Christians are getting fit and helping others
  • Scripture Illustration, Worship Slide Graphics and Bulletin Covers
  • Direct Mail, Door Hangers, Newspaper and Invitation Card artwork to invite others to join in 

The multimedia DVD is formatted for computer use only. DVDs for television use are available only upon request.

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Adult Study Series (PDF)

Children Supplement (PDF)

Youth Supplement (PDF)

Graphics Catalog (PDF)

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