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Theological Foundation and Campaign Research


RETHINK CHURCH is not a call to find a new theology, nor to move away from our commitment to scripture, nor to distance ourselves from our Wesleyan tradition. It is a call to refocus ecclesiology, to ask the question, "What has God called The United Methodist Church the 21st century?" To see church in a way that is more aligned to scripture, and to be faithful to the tradition of John Wesley who believed the world was his parish. Read the entire Theological Foundation.


2015 Barna Expanded Seeker Survey (PDF | Infographic)
In addition to the regular Seeker survey, Barna Group conducted a second survey on behalf of United Methodist Communications, called the “expanded survey." The Expanded Survey evaluates variables such as the definition and profile of a seeker, felt needs of a seeker and what needs would draw them to church, and how United Methodists can effectively reach out to seekers. 

2012 White Paper: Innovative Communications and Service Opportunities Help Young Adults Rethink Church (PDF)
Because new communication technologies are rapidly changing cultures globally, the church must use strategic communication to project its voice into the public conversation and to engage seekers, particularly young adults, in a life of faith.

2011 Rethink Church Research (PDF)
The Rethink Church initiatives begun in 2008 have been successful in improving attitudes towards The United Methodist Church and engaging young adults to participate in activities that live out faith and social consciousness. The United Methodist Church and the Rethink Church reputation is growing and is most effective when combined with community events that match young adult interests.

2009 United Methodist Communications Rethink Church Seeker Research - Summary of Findings (PDF)
Online interviews with 839 "seekers" ages 18 to 34 were conducted to gain insight into their attitudes and spiritual needs and their perceptions and expectations of churches. The research was conducted on behalf of United Methodist Communications by The Barna Group in conjunction with BOHAN Advertising|Marketing.