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Reaching Out to Ensure Basic Needs are Met


We’re meeting people’s everyday needs for community. Poverty, hunger, disease, and more, these are some of the formidable challenges facing people today. Rethink Church’s recent national advertising reminds people that when we respond by offering our time, resources, and energy, we help meet people’s most basic needs.

What You Can Do?

When doing a community service project or an ongoing ministry that serves these needs, show our :15 or :30 video in worship. Also, you can download facebook and twitter covers to add to your social media platforms. Download these videos and social elements at

Use articles found here and take a look at content from the updated site. This is a great way to let your church and others know about what the UMC is doing for basic needs.

Follow us and share stories of the basic needs service going on in your church on Rethink Facebook and Twitter and use #rethinkchurch.