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Put Your Beliefs Into Action


How can we rethink church as an out-of-building 365 days-a-year experience? How can we help others to find a spiritual journey to call their own? By showing that there isn't just one door into the church, but thousands of doors through which a person can become engaged -- many of them non-traditional.

Rethink Church provides United Methodist Churches with ideas, resources, and support in finding new ways to show kindness, acceptance, and hospitality to guests and members alike.

Find out how your church can show the local community "Open hearts, Open minds, and Open doors." Take a look at the videos, FAQ, and resources available, and start rethinking church now.

Update Your Church Profile

By updating your church profile, you will help seekers find your church. Read More

Get Your Congregation Involved

Start the "Rethink Church" journey with your congregation by exploring how to redefine the experience of church as becoming engaged with the world. Read More

Create a Church Marketing Plan

Your church wants to impact lives, helping people know Christ and engaging them through Christian discipleship and outreach marketing. Read More