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Journey to Hope

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Open a new door this Lent and find the hope that changes everything.

Rethink Church invites you to take your church on a 7-week Journey to Hope. We’ll travel with Jesus to the cross and discover the Hope that can be found in the midst of life’s most difficult circumstances. This series was previously released in 2010 and has been updated to include small group, children and youth/young adult supplements.

Journey to Hope will inspire people to reflect on Jesus’ experiences on the path to the cross in new ways. It will encourage them to see to real life situations with fresh eyes. And it will challenge people to interact with God no matter their “mile marker” in life. By addressing real life circumstances of relationships, self-esteem, work, temptation, money problems, suffering and death, travelers on the journey discover how faith in Christ is relevant to everyday life and how having a faith community can make all the difference.

The Journey to Hope series includes relational and relevant bible experiences for children, youth, young adults, and small groups.  During each lesson, participants will experience scripture, explore media messages, participate in reflective journaling, and reach out to others through hands-on mission efforts in age-appropriate ways.

The Journey to Hope lessons can be used during Sunday school, youth gatherings, Wednesday night programming, children’s church or other ministry setting. The main point of each lesson is based on the weekly “mile marker” discussed during worship and is consistent throughout the age-levels. This provides an opportunity for intergenerational faith conversations outside of worship and beyond the classroom setting. 

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