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Grant Selection Criteria

United Methodist Communications’ Rethink Church initiative offers grants for media and marketing to United Methodist churches, districts, and conferences and church clusters (3 or more United Methodist churches or entities) that will engage with their community in outreach ministry events. Large-scale single and two-church partnership events that qualify through the online Survey are now invited to apply for a Rethink Church Event Grant as well.

Applications for these funds are evaluated by the selection criteria listed below, and funds will be distributed on a first come, first served basis as long as funds are available. An applicant may receive only one grant per year. Efforts will be made to distribute funds as equally as possible across the five jurisdictions.


A grantee must:

  • Be United Methodist affiliated, i.e., district, conference or cluster of three or more United Methodist churches or entities (like a Wesley Foundation). Large-scale single or two-church partnership events may qualify as well.

  • Demonstrate community relevance: The event proposal section of the application must show clear goals and objectives to meet community needs as identified by demographic research and personal interviews with community leaders/organizations. This attention to detail may help expose community needs that do not show up in typical census data.

  • Explain the event’s impact and reach. It is important that grantees strive to have significant participation from each participating congregation and a plan to recruit non-church volunteers from the community. We encourage participation from Campus Ministry groups, youth groups and other ages within the congregations/community when applicable.

  • Provide sustainability plan. Will the community served by this event continue to reap the benefits beyond the event day? Are there plans to continue this event in the future? Events can build on an existing church ministry or launch a new ministry, but continued community benefit is key.

  • Show a willingness to work in partnership with United Methodist Communications’ staff on all aspects of the event.

  • Submit timely post-event data and complete an evaluation report required by UMCom.

To see if your community event qualifies, take this short Survey! (Survey is not available when the grants are full.)

Note: All event applications must be submitted to the Rethink Church Grants and Resources office no less than 3 months before the event date.


Contact the Rethink Church Grants and Resources Team:
Rev. Ashleigh Joyner, Pam Buck, Wanda Jackson and Sara Perez

Phone: 877-281-6535