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Environment Community Events

Hands On Topeka 2014
Where: Topeka, Kansas
When: May 3, 2014
May 3rd marks the 5th year for the Hands on Topeka event. This year we will be providing safer and more attractive environments in our community. From cleaning and landscaping at nursing homes and cemeteries, to painting classrooms and improving the overall appearance at schools, there is something for everyone.

2013 Great Day of Service
Where: Wildomar, California
When: October 26, 2013
Thank you to all of our volunteers and sponsors who helped to make 2013 Great Day of Service a huge success. The community was blown away by our continued service as we provided a continued legacy to the city of three public parks that will service the growing city in a real and tangible way. The most common question we heard was "why are you guys doing this?" Our answer was something like: This is what Methodists do....

Hands On Topeka 2013
Where: Topeka, Kansas
When: April 28, 2013
THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR VOLUNTEERS AND SPONSORS! We had a beautiful day for Hands on Topeka 2013 and so many wonderful things were accomplished for our parks and local schools. We know the hard work will be appreciated for a long, long time by the community as well as the students and faculty of the schools impacted by this special day of service. We definitely had a GREAT DAY OF SERVICE! Thanks to YOU!

Impact Las Vegas 2013
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada
When: February 16, 2013
Thank You for making a difference! Over 500 volunteers, picked up trash from the streets and alleys of the Palos Verdes neighborhood and also cleaned up parts of a nature trail. For the second consecutive year, young adults from around the country attending a United Methodist convention stepped out into the streets of Las Vegas. They wanted to give back to the community by helping to preserve the city trails, giving citizens and visitors an escape from the night life to create a healthy and enjoyable outdoor experience.

Paint the Town
Where: Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania
When: October 16, 2012
Now in its 3rd year, Delilah Paint the Town, a community service event lead by radio personailty and philanthropist Delilah Luke. On Monday, October 15, 2012, gather with other local volunteers to bring hope and revitalization to an area of Waukegan. We will be finishing work on a local dog park and painting a mural over a graffiti-filled bridge. Come out and be a part of the solution in your community!

Hands On Topeka 2011
Where: Topeka, Kansas
When: May 1, 2011
In its 2nd year, Hands On Topeka held another community-wide effort providing a cleaner and safer environment in 12 of Topeka’s city parks. A partnership of 23 churches, the Campus Ministry at Washburn University and the community provided a workforce of over 850 volunteers.

Hands Across the City
Where: Grand Rapids, Michigan
When: August 7, 2010
On one day, 650 volunteers came together to serve 56,000 people! Volunteers showed up at Garfield Park to build a new KaBoom! playground and others helped out by sprucing up other parks by painting, raking and weeding. In all, 12 city parks were impacted in 3 hours on one day.

Hands On Topeka 2010
Where: Topeka, Kansas
When: April 11, 2010
With over 900 volunteers from the community and 20 UM churches, 12 city parks were serviced with trash pick-up, recycling, leaf raking, trimming of bushes, etc., providing a cleaner safer place for children and families.

Impact San Diego
Where: San Diego, California
When: April 11, 2010
Over 700 people participated in seven projects to provide services for education projects, environmental clean ups, classroom renovations, creating health kits, supporting the elderly and the homeless population.

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