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Broken to Peace Study Series


We all fall to pieces, but then God leads us peace.

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Bad things happen to good people.

Good parents have children who become addicted to drugs. Reliable breadwinners lose their jobs. Innocent children have parents who hurt them. Healthy folks get sick. Accidents happen. And yes, even Christians take anti-depressants.

Many of us live our problems in silence, but Broken to Peace features interviews with men and women who are living their lives—and faith—out loud. Using their pain to educate, inspire and help others, the straight-from-the-heart Christians featured in this compelling video series tell real life stories about the troubles that brought them to their knees—breast cancer, job loss, addiction, loss of a child, clinical depression and physical abuse. With God as their support, they were able to rise again, one step at a time, and continue their walk towards spiritual healing and human wholeness.

Broken to Peace is a six-part study series that focuses on personal issues many Christians face in the realities of everyday life. The emotionally raw testimony of Christians featured in the video will stimulate authentic discussion between study participants who may choose themselves to reveal times and circumstances when life’s burdens threatened their spiritual health and sanity. With the help of a downloadable leader’s guide, the group’s leader will be equipped with the devotional tools and discussion starters that serve as catalysts for thought-provoking conversation, constructive debate and personal sharing.

Difficult situations often bring out our best spiritual qualities. When we share our losses and all that we have learned from them, we gather courage and can become a source of clarity. It is then that our walk—no matter how crooked—may offer a shortcut to hope for someone else.


  • Six video discussion starters
  • Downloadable Leader’s Guide for facilitating group study
  • Promotional resources for your Bible study or small group campaign

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Mark Price

The Broken to Peace Leader’s Guide by Mark Price is a dynamic small-group study guide that will help show how difficult situations often bring out our best spiritual qualities.

As a Christian educator and pastor, Price has spent most of the last 25 years teaching and studying the Bible within the context of congregational ministry. He has served various sized churches in Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia and most recently Tennessee, where he is the minister for spiritual formation at Christ United Methodist Church in Franklin. From 1999 to 2009, Price worked for the United Methodist Publishing House as part of the editorial team responsible for the DISCIPLE Bible study program. In that role, he supervised the revision of the foundational DISCIPLE: Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study course, and conceived and developed six studies in the Short-Term Disciple series. Price also served for many years as part of the national DISCIPLE leader training team, preparing hundreds of lay people to lead DISCIPLE groups in their churches. In addition, he has led about a dozen DISCIPLE Bible study groups, including groups for group and for persons who are incarcerated.