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2016 Easter Resources

RETHINK CHURCH has developed several resources that go with our new Easter campaign. Read more about all of the resources that we offer below. Click HERE to explore all of these Easter resources.

Bulletin Cover
Our bulletin cover can provide a great image to use all four weeks of your sermon starter. You can print your church's order of service on the inside and download this image to print on the front.
Worship Slides
These visual graphics support your worship service with stunning visuals. You can download these slides to use on your worship screens in your Easter services.
Social Media Items
Social media spaces are a great place to promote RETHINK CHURCH, so we have a few items your church can use. Post Facebook/Twitter/You Tube banners on your church's page or your personal page.
Now included in the bundle is our Direct Mail Card, Door Hangers and Invitation Cards.
Direct Mail Cards
These postcards can be used to promote an event or service you're having during Easter.
Door Hangers
These door hangers are a great grassroots-marketing tool for you to give to your staff or congregation to put in the areas/neighborhoods around your church.
Invitation Cards
In today's digital society, a handwritten note makes a powerful statement. Use these invitation cards to give to members to invite friends and family.
Our four 2016 Easter Worship Bundles come in four designs (Canyon, Group, Road and Skyline) and are available in both English and Spanish. 
Clicking on the image below will take you to our Easter Resources store page where you can order the bundle of your choice.