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2016 UMAC Awards

Photo by Mike DuBose

United Methodist Communications' staff were awarded seven of the ten Best of Class awards presented by the United Methodist Association of Communicators on January 20.

United Methodist Communications receives 38 UMAC awards

United Methodist Communications
Office of Public Information
January 28, 2016
PORTLAND, Oregon: United Methodist Communications’ staff were recognized by the United Methodist Association of Communicators at their annual awards ceremony on January 20 in Portland, Oregon for their work throughout 2015. Thirty-eight entries in a variety of categories garnered recognition, including seven out of ten Best of Class awards.

Dan Krause, chief executive of the agency, said, “The role of communicators is a vital one for the church. Our agency depends on the collaborative efforts of all of the communicators in our connection, and we want to congratulate all of those who were recognized this year, including our staff, for their excellent work.”

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Award-winning photo Held in Prayer, by Kathleen Barry.

Projects recognized as Best of Class included:

The remaining 31 awards went to projects in a variety of categories, highlighting the well-rounded talents of the agency’s teams:

  • Print Publications: Three awards went to Interpreter Magazine and its special publication pieces.
  • Digital Publications: Two awards were received for United Methodist Communications’ research and annual reports.
  • Writing: Various articles written for United Methodist News Service, Imagine No Malaria, and the agency’s Public Information projects garnered eight awards.
  • Internet Communications: Three awards recognized social media and online campaigns.
  • Video Production: Two awards were received for UMTV video projects.
  • Photography: Three awards were received for United Methodist News Service and marketing photos.
  • Visual Design: The agency’s branding and web design projects earned two awards.
  • Publicity and Advertising: Three awards were received for the Rethink Church, United Methodist Communications’ 75th anniversary, and Imagine No Malaria campaigns.
  • Media Presentation: Digital slideshows, multimedia presentations, and a table display accounted for five awards.

A full list of UMAC winners is available online.


About United Methodist Communications
As the communications agency for The United Methodist Church, United Methodist Communications seeks to increase awareness and visibility of the denomination in communities and nations around the globe. United Methodist Communications also offers services, tools, products and resources for communications ministry.

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