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The giving study provided details on how giving campaigns are communicated within churches and what tools are needed to strengthen awareness.

Photo illustration by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

The giving study provided details on how giving campaigns are communicated within churches and what tools are needed to strengthen awareness.

Survey reveals need for training and education on the importance of giving within the UMC


United Methodist Communications
Office of Public Information

February 6, 2019

Nashville, Tennessee – Fewer than half of United Methodist Church members are familiar with the denomination’s specific supported funds. That’s according to the finding of a proprietary giving study conducted by United Methodist Communications to determine United Methodists' level of familiarity with available giving opportunities.

The results provide a look into people's motives for giving and how they prioritize and value the various donation channels. Key findings and takeaways from the data received:

  • The majority of United Methodists agree that apportionments support valuable ministries at regional, national and global levels of the church.
  • A quarter of members and lay leadership are unsure of how the church spends apportionments, indicating a need to educate them on how the funds are used.
  • Fewer than half of the people surveyed believe the amount of apportionments expected from their church is reasonable. This points to a necessity for highlighting the vital importance of these funds and how this designated amount is determined.
  • 100% of donations going to the project is the most important criterion in United Methodists’ decisions to support the Advance.

“These findings provide insights into how best to communicate about the various opportunities for giving within The United Methodist Church to encourage engagement. It also aids us in equipping clergy, lay leaders, and members alike to share what they’ve learned about giving across the connection in their spheres of influence,” said Linda Bruner, Connectional Giving Manager for United Methodist Communications.

The responses provide information about how giving campaigns are currently communicated within churches and what tools are needed to strengthen awareness efforts. The survey also tested the wording of planned marketing statements to evaluate what were best received in connection to both specific and overall giving program opportunities. Future fundraising awareness efforts will be evaluated in light of this information to ensure the greatest impact for ministry work across the divide.

“The insights also reinforce the opportunity for all leaders within our local churches to complete our free online Connectional Giving course,” adds Bruner.  The training provides church leaders with a holistic and biblical view of generosity. It empowers participants to become missional storytellers who can inspire others to give generously by sharing inspiring, compelling stories

The survey was conducted by AcuPOLL on behalf of the agency in August and September of 2018 and reflects a national online panel sampling of 1,915 people made up of clergy, lay leadership and members of The United Methodist Church.


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