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Reasons not to return your Interpreter enrollment form

SUMMARY: Our reporters have been canvassing local churches and asking why they do not want subscriptions to Interpreter for their churches. Read what others say about why they don't want to receive five print issues and the five electronic issues of the official ministry magazine of The United Methodist Church, all provided through the World Service Fund.

  • We don't want children, youth, young adults and young families around. (Interpreter is devoting more and more space to ministries and outreach effective in reaching younger people.)

  • It is not important for us to have information about new resources. (Interpreter is filled ideas and information about new resources to enhance your congregation's ministry.)

  • We don't need to get real-life stories from real-life people. (Interpreter features people involved in ministry – the difference it makes in their lives as well as in the lives of the people they serve.)

  • We have all the information we need about spiritual growth. (Interpreter includes information to enrich Sunday school, confirmation classes, small groups and other ministries.)

  • Ministry ideas from other churches are not that important to us. (Interpreter offers "It Worked for Us" stories from local churches of all sizes.)

  • We know all about leadership and problem solving in our church. (Interpreter is written for new, continuing and potential laity leaders and clergy.)

Unless you agree with every one of these reasons for not ordering Interpreter, you want to make certain that your leaders receive it. Research shows pastors are very confident in their knowledge of church ministries, while over 1/3 of lay church leaders describe their knowledge of church programs and resources as fair or poor.

So, get out that pen, get on the computer or pick up the phone just so we can say, "How can we help you?" and "Thanks for updating your Interpreter subscriptions."

You can update your subscriptions at, fax them to (615) 742-5499 or (615) 742-5494, e-mail them to or mail the list to:

P.O. Box 440229
Nashville, TN 37202

If you need any assistance with the process (list of current subscribers, GCFA number or password, information on how to begin receiving the magazine), please call United Methodist Communications Customer Service at (888) 346-3862. The representatives will be glad to help you.