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Essential podcasts for United Methodist Leaders

Podcasts give us levity and wisdom while we're waiting around. Here's 12 United Methodist podcasts covering the gamut of communications, technology, leadership, lectionary, young people's ministry and more! Read More

How can virtual volunteers help your church?

Even when they can’t be physically present, there are people who would love to lend a hand in cyber service. Make a plan and start recruiting virtual volunteers today. Read More

How to do short-term missions the right way

Short-term mission journeys can be amazing experiences for volunteer teams and the communities they serve. But, if they aren’t done well, they can do more harm than good. Read More

5 lessons from a hilarious spoof on contemporary worship

"Sunday's Coming" is a "movie trailer" made by a large church poking fun at their own worship. It's obviously a spoof, but also contains some powerful lessons. Read More

4 ways to use Facebook Live at church beyond the worship service

Extend your livestream ministry and connect with a growing online congregation. Read More

50 ideas for opening lines in church lessons

Having an interesting and imaginative first line can help pique interest and get your listeners to pay attention. Read More

4 fun science experiments to illustrate your next Bible lesson

God has created an incredible world full of fascinating laws and elements. Use these fun demonstrations from science to illustrate spiritual concepts like the Trinity. Read More

On the road again; taking worship to the streets

Is your church ready to step back into the past and, like the circuit-riding preachers of old, take worship on the road? If so, here are a few ideas to... Read More

How to compensate guest speakers or musicians on a church budget

How you welcome guests says a lot about your church. Don’t let money, or the lack thereof, interfere. Make sure your church gives guests the honor that they deserve. Read More

The Rev. Julie Boone leads worship at McKendree United Methodist Church in Lawrenceville, Ga. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

PowerPoint tools and timing techniques for churches

Follow these tips for incorporating sound and more effectively timing slide transitions to help elevate the flow of your worship service. Read More

New life sprouting from a crack in asphalt. Photo by Skeeze,

5 interesting sermon topics to reach people in the new year

Many people resolve to pay more attention to their spiritual life, and worship attendance spikes. Maximize the impact of your service with these great sermon ideas. Read More

5 incredible illustrations from biblical archaeology

Stories in the Bible can sometimes be difficult to visualize. These biblical archaeology illustrations bring the Bible to life by showing how God was at work in the lives of... Read More

Capture attention with creative church announcements

Don't let church announcements take away from the most important aspects of worship. Here are four ways to creatively communicate and keep people focused on what's important. Read More

Sojourner Truth became a Methodist in 1843 and, on June 1 of that year, heard a clear call from God to become a traveling preacher speaking out against slavery. The Sojourner Truth Memorial in Florence, Mass. Photo by Lynn Graves, Massachusetts Office of Tourism.

6 Methodist historical figures to help illustrate your next lesson

Learn how these figures, like Sojourner Truth, were deeply nurtured by their faith and, in turn, had an enormous influence on the history of the Methodist church. Read More

Think Outside the Egg: Great teaching tools for children this Easter

Actually the egg is a great teaching tool, as are lilies, crosses and crowns. A lifelong Sunday school teacher shares tips for helping children understand the miracle of Easter. Read More

Innovative ways to encourage people to pray

The practice of prayer may be ancient but the application doesn't have to be. How can churches encourage and enhance the experience of prayer? Read More

10 creative ways to explore a Bible passage

Let's be honest. Sometimes the Bible is hard to understand. Break out of the box with these creative ways to unlock meaning and better communicate the message of each passage. Read More

An impromptu choir sings together Christmas Eve at worship service held at renovated warehouse in Nashville, Tennessee. Photo courtesy of Rethink Church.

Churches can help simplify at Christmas

The seasons of Advent and Christmas can be stressful for busy families. Find easy ways churches can help members focus on the season’s meaning—and share holiday joy. Read More

4 creative summer sermon/lesson ideas

Summer is a great time to try something different and fun with sermons and lessons. Here are several ideas to keep things fresh this summer. Read More

7 ways to help a sermon preach all week

Learn how to prepare the congregation for weekly worship and then help them apply what they have learned all week. Read More

5 great sermon ideas for a happy new year

As the new year begins, it's time to start thinking about how you can help people engage with the story of God through your sermons. Here are some great ideas... Read More

Reclaiming the offering as worship

Asking for money can be touchy, and doing so in church is no exception. Here are some ideas to help you reclaim the power of the offering as an act... Read More

3 out-of-the-box ideas for using cellphones in worship

What if we took advantage of that incredible little tool most people have at their fingertips? Learn how cell phones can actually help people stay engaged and interact with worship... Read More

5 worship trends for the unattached

Consider these five trends as your worship committee or staff work together to design culturally relevant worship experiences. Read More

Plan transitions: Create a worship service flowchart

Smoothly flowing worship is crucial to your church service. Learn how to coordinate pastors, liturgists, worship and multi-media teams to avoid awkward or distracting moments. Read More

9 creative tips to enhance projection in worship (Part Two)

Even on a small budget and with a volunteer workforce, it is possible to create quality imagery and use your screen effectively to enhance worship and share God's story in... Read More

How to stream worship beyond the sanctuary (Part 2)

Many streaming services promise that all you need is a webcam and an Internet connection. However, streaming requires a significant amount of time, resources and the commitment of volunteers. Read More

Extend worship to people with disabilities (Part 3)

If you want to reach people with disabilities, you must act positively and proactively to get the word out. These tips will get you started. Read More

4 sermon series to connect with millennials

Millennials aren't looking for better advertising or a pastor who wears skinny jeans, but depth in relationship and a church involved in its community. Here are some sermon ideas to... Read More

Use technology to extend worship beyond the sanctuary (Part 1)

Are you thinking of video streaming your worship service? Why? Think instead about how to use technology to share Christ beyond the sanctuary. Learn how now. Read More

How to create a ministry spotlight during worship

Incorporate a three- to four-minute “ministry moment” during weekly worship services to celebrate ministries and inspire those who attend to become involved. Read More

The Rev. Britt (right in red shirt) and Alison Gilmore (back to camera) say grace with their family. The Gilmores are United Methodist Missionaries serving in Belfast, Northern Ireland, at East Belfast Mission. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

8 solid tips to bring back family worship

Spending time together discussing and experiencing God's work in our lives should be a family goal. Find tips to help bring back family worship. Read More

Overcoming the 6 reasons churches don’t use projection in worship (Part One)

Some churches invest in projection technology, only to realize it isn't practical to use in their worship space.Consider these points before diving in. Read More

Worshippers at Easter fill Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, where attendance has been on a steady rise. Photo by Joseph McBrayer.

Tips for including church members in your service

Help the members of your congregation find a deeper connection within the church by engaging them in the planning and execution of worship services. Read More

7 tips to get more out of projected worship lyrics

Learn from these tips on projecting lyrics and create a more hospitable environment for worship. Read More

4 ways to revive prayer ministries

One can follow many different paths to reviving prayer ministries. The key is to make prayer a priority and to begin. Read More

Rockin’ church sound system ... or rip-off?

These tips will help you find the best possible sound system for your church's needs without getting hosed by greedy sales representatives.

Read More

5 tips to strengthen your worship music

Worship takes many different forms, but a good music ministry is key to creating a hospitable environment for worshipping God.
Read More

Sample the online freebies for churches

Come with me down the licorice path into the treasure trove of online freebies for churches. Read More

5 ideas for holistic ministry with the homeless

What if your church could empower homeless people to regain a sense of identity, purpose and worth? Read More

Challye Hays laughs with children as they play corn hole in the gym during the Project Transformation Family Fun Night at Antioch United Methodist Church. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Inspire youth with a summer ‘staycation’

Turn the "staycation" concept on its ear by hosting one for middle and high school students. Read More

Liven up your church directory in print and online

Make the church directory an indispensible ministry tool for everyone to use. Read More

2009 movies that will preach

Consider showing a clip from one these films to drive your message home in a culturally meaningful and relevant way. Read More

Avoid worship multimedia team burnout

Being involved in multi-media tasks during worship is not only stressful, but also can tax one's spiritual connection with God. Read More

7 paths to relevant worship

Put yourself in the place of various segments of your congregation to see how your worship service relates to them. Read More

Use surprise, illusion for memorable worship

Try incorporating illusion and surprise into your worship to tell a story, illustrate a point, or simply serve as a visual memory of the service. Read More

8 tips for making the most of your church’s space

Find new ways to use your sanctuaries, libraries, common rooms, fellowship halls and offices.
Read More

A time to laugh: Using humor in worship

Humor can be a non-threatening, yet meaningful, way to communicate God's love. Read More

Different hands hold up the Cross and Flame of The United Methodist Church. Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

25 ways to affirm diversity

Find insightful ideas for promoting a culture of acceptance and justice in your church. Read More

Has your church gone to the dogs — or pot-bellied pigs?

Many churches offer pet blessings during October. Have you considered including these furry family members in a service? Read More