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Psychology of giving: Change the way you ask to get more

If you want to help your congregation give more, check out these tips and tricks based on fundraising psychology. Read More

Encourage people to consider prayerfully how God is calling them to participate in the ministry and by financially contributing to your church’s mission. Photo by Ben White,

How to talk to your congregation about giving

As a church leader, you may be in the uncomfortable position of asking your congregation to give generously. Use these tips to help craft a positive invitation. Read More

John Wesley's famous advice on stewardship: Earn all you can, save all you can, give all you can. Photo illustration by Cindy Caldwell; image by Kathryn Price, United Methodist Communications.

John Wesley on giving

John Wesley considered giving an integral part of Christian discipleship. He believed that giving financially was an expression of the commandment to love God and neighbor. Read More

4 awesome ideas to boost stewardship campaigns

Stewardship campaigns are as important as they are predictable. Adding one or all these simple technology solutions may help you bring a fresh perspective to the long-standing tradition. Read More

The power of a story: crowdfunding success guide

Through attractive pages, an easy process and an efficient plan, churches can use crowdfunding to raise designated funds by garnering many (often smaller) online donations. Read More

Send a thank you note to your givers. Image designed by

How to thank your amazing givers

Small expressions of appreciation help donors feel loved and involved with ministry. Increase the desire for donors to give with these five creative ways to say "Thank you!" Read More

When you need more: Church fundraising basics

What types of fundraisers should churches conduct, and how can you get your members on board? Can fundraising be both fun and meaningful? Here are some ideas and considerations for... Read More

How to save money with technology. Article by United Methodist Communications. Photo cropped from original.

How to save money with technology

Pinching pennies is never fun, but cutting costs can be good stewardship. Here are several ideas on how to save money using technology. It’s not as hard as you... Read More

3 ways to boost giving, increase diversity and glorify God

Most giving campaigns are geared towards a narrow demographic, but research shows us that this could be a major flaw. Learn how to increase diversity and giving for the glory... Read More

Get rid of the guilt; create a joyful giving experience

Donors are willing to increase giving, but churches need to understand them, address their concerns and reframe the giving experience as it should be; joyful worship. Read More

5 ways to increase giving in your church

Money can be a touchy subject, especially when we start talking about how churches can increase donations. Here are a couple ways to increase giving without feeling like a pitch-person. Read More

Reclaiming the offering as worship

Asking for money can be touchy, and doing so in church is no exception. Here are some ideas to help you reclaim the power of the offering as an act... Read More

How to serve ham with a side order of world service

Consider making your next church fund-raising dinner an opportunity to give to apportionments. Read More

Make giving easy: Services, credit card readers and more

Online giving has its own set of complexities; but it is becoming easier to navigate the set-up process. New options for online giving are being developed all the time. Read More

How to move people to give or take action

Don’t spend so much time trying to amuse or even inspire people. Instead, focus on the following four methods to get people to act. Read More

5 key elements in successful stewardship strategies

What if stewardship were more than a campaign? What if it were a mindset? And what if stewardship were incorporated in every season? Read More

July 4th fireworks at The National Mall, Washington, D.C., during a 2008 celebration. Photo: Carol M. Highsmith's America, Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Beyond the Bake Sale: Cool fundraising ideas for everyone

A Fourth of July fundraiser?! Why not? From holiday concerts to consignment sales to babysitting, these ideas put the fun in fundraising. Try some new variations on a familiar theme. Read More

Church finances: Involve, teach and share the budget

When congregants understand church's finances, they may be more likely to give. This year, go beyond simply including a financial statement in the bulletin. Start the financial education. Read More

Mother teaches child about money and stewardship. Image © Liderina,

Fun ministry ideas to teach kids stewardship

It is important for the church to help teach stewardship to children. One fun way to do this is to turn allowance money into "Bible Bucks." Read More

Full-service giving: more than a collection plate

Offering a variety of opportunities to give will help those who want to give, give heartily to bless others and meet the needs of the church. Read More

Electronic giving increases offerings

Fewer people today are using cash and checks for their financial transactions. As a result, churches have an opportunity to expand their giving opportunities. Read More

Special Sundays fund-raising Ideas

Make a difference through churchwide Special Sundays.
Read More

‘Don’t go to church’ Sunday!

Read on before making a beeline to the breakfast bar at your favorite restaurant. Read More

Beat winter donation doldrums with a food drive

Food and toy drives are popular around Christmas, but come March and April the pantry shelves are bare but the need remains.
Read More

Assess your church’s financial health

Do not assume people have enough information, experience and understanding of the ministry of giving. Doing annual financial checkups is important. Read More

Sum is greater than parts when churches work together

Your church can tackle projects that seem unimaginable to do alone, but feasible when working with other churches and community groups.
Read More

Youth selling lemonade as a fundraiser. Photo by Mary Bettini Blank,

Put fun into fundraising

Challenging times present an opportunity to refocus on what you are doing and how you can change to maximize your efforts. Read More

Take steps-literally-for a noble cause

Starting a 5k or 10k walk is an exciting event that draws the community in while lifting up a noble cause. Read More

A young girl embraces her father during a welcome home ceremony for the 1st Brigade Combat Team 1st Cavalry Division, on June 17. The brigade is back after a year combined tour in Iraq and Kuwait. Photo by Sgt. Kim Browne, 1st Cav. Div. Public Affairs.

Honorable ideas for supporting military families

The needs of a military family with a deployed member are very similar to those of single parents. Learn how your church can help! Read More

Generosity beyond the status quo

The new economic climate threatens the giving methods that have become the status quo for the U.S. church. Here are some simple proactive solutions. Read More

Collect change for change

Doing more with less is the motto for more people everyday. What if your congregation could do more with their pocket change? Read More

Help your congregation live large on a small budget

Spending wisely is of great interest to everyone these days. Cutting costs, trimming expenses and pooling resources are ways to survive in this economy. Read More

Promoting human relations day in your local church

You glance at the calendar and realize Human Relations Day is just around the corner-January 18. It's too late to do anything, right? Wrong! Read More

How to ask

From our first cries to be fed and changed, we begin a life of asking. Yet, when asking a prospective donor for money, we freeze. Read More

You have to ask

A wise person once said, "Plenty of people are willing to give God credit; yet a few are willing to give God cash." Read More

How to promote United Methodist Student Day in your congregation

How do you promote United Methodist Student Day? Here are few ideas from churches that go beyond simply asking people to give. Read More

Making global connections on World Communion Sunday

The Rev. Robert "Bob" Morwell of Quincy, Ill., has discovered a cool way to celebrate the global connections of the church on World Communion Sunday.
Read More

Putting our money where our hearts are

What we do with our money says a lot about what we value. For $10 you can buy a net and save a child's life. Read More