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3 New Year’s resolutions for church communicators

Online communication is constantly changing. If we don't adapt, we will be ignored or forgotten. Adopting these three resolutions will help you keep up with the techniques and approaches that... Read More

How to set church goals for the new year

New Year’s resolutions aren’t just for individuals; goals are important for the church as well. Check out these tips for creating church goals this year. Read More

How to do short-term missions the right way

Short-term mission journeys can be amazing experiences for volunteer teams and the communities they serve. But, if they aren’t done well, they can do more harm than good. Read More

How to help your congregation cope with grief

While each situation is different, there are a variety of ways your church can offer spiritual comfort and support during difficult times. Read More

Hoover Dam: A church lesson on problem solving

Every challenge encountered in the construction of this engineering marvel was met with innovative solutions. Lessons from its history can help you navigate and solve challenges in your own church. Read More

How to foster spiritual disciplines in the church

Help your congregants become closer to Christ by making spiritual disciplines a reality in the congregation’s life and in individual lives. Read More

4 big ideas from successful startups to revitalize church

Some startups produce innovative products at a pace that rivals companies 10 times their size! How can churches learn from these successful startups? Read More

Weathering the storm: Solutions to 4 major pastor problems

As the “go-to” person for calming the storm, where do you turn when you find yourself in the middle of one? Let God guide the way with these tips. Read More

Critical thinking. Photo illustration by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications.

Separating fact from fiction: A guide to critical thinking

How can we limit the impact of viral falsehoods in the Information Age? How can we guard against being manipulated? What would Jesus share? Read More

How to compensate guest speakers or musicians on a church budget

How you welcome guests says a lot about your church. Don’t let money, or the lack thereof, interfere. Make sure your church gives guests the honor that they deserve. Read More

10 interesting facts about Francis Asbury to use in your next lesson

Asbury devoted his life to ministry, spreading Methodism across the American frontier. Mark the anniversary of his death on Mar. 31 by learning more about this tireless evangelist. Read More

Capture attention with creative church announcements

Don't let church announcements take away from the most important aspects of worship. Here are four ways to creatively communicate and keep people focused on what's important. Read More

Make your ministry announcements better: Tips that boost action

Move beyond simply announcing the who, when and where. Preaching announcements can show people how they can put their faith to work. Read More

How to save money with technology. Article by United Methodist Communications. Photo cropped from original.

How to save money with technology

Pinching pennies is never fun, but cutting costs can be good stewardship. Here are several ideas on how to save money using technology. It’s not as hard as you... Read More

5 stages every high performing team must experience

Successful teams consistently follow a predictable path of forming, storming, norming and performing. Achieve greatness while leading your church's various groups. Read More

Jesus and Peter on the Water, photo by Pierce Brantley, courtesy of CREATIONSWAP. Cropped from original by United Methodist Communications.

5 ways Jesus taught how to teach others

Jesus modeled five clear ways to develop the people he led. Follow in his steps and your church will grow. Read More

How to avoid ministry burnout: Take care of yourself!

Ministry burnout may contribute to obesity, hypertension, depression, even shortened life expectancy. Learn the key steps to staying healthy. Read More

Annual health check-up for the church

Even churches need annual checkups to make sure that all is well. Take time to seriously consider the following symptoms and what treatment may be needed. Read More

Being thankful reaps health benefits as well as spiritual ones.  Photo by Carl Attard,

3 ways to encourage gratitude in the church

Did you know that being thankful reaps health benefits as well as spiritual ones? It's true. Here's a few ways to express thankfulness in your life and ministry. Read More

Is your church missing out on the latest bright, shiny thing is an article for MyCom eNewsletter, a service of United Methodist Communications.

Is your church missing out on the latest bright, shiny thing?

It's good to be an early adopter! Just be practical and strategic. Do your research. Technology, while great, will not fix bad church strategy. Read More

How to have a vacation when you can’t leave town

Ministry burnout is a very real danger and vacations a very real necessity. But how can you “get away” when getting away seems impossible? Read More

Leading your community when disaster strikes

Our churches and districts must be prepared to respond to tragedy -- whether natural disaster or acts of violence. Here are five ways to prepare for events we pray never... Read More

Photo by ©CreationSwap/Kevin Carden. Cropped from original by United Methodist Communications.

How to love your church by letting go

How can you love your church more? Quit. Don't worry. You read that right. Here are a few of the things you should let go of when loving your church. Read More

Top 10 church faux pas that turn off millennials

Don’t hate on social media; do be deeply spiritual. These are just two tips for ministering with millennials. Many of the faux pas are turnoffs no matter your generation. Read More

6 solid ways to finish projects strong

When we fail to accomplish our goals, the pressure inside us mounts. We tighten up and may become almost paralyzed. Learn what derails progress and be a better finisher. Read More

10 creative ways to explore a Bible passage

Let's be honest. Sometimes the Bible is hard to understand. Break out of the box with these creative ways to unlock meaning and better communicate the message of each passage. Read More

How to calm difficult people in small groups

What do you do when people are constantly disrupting your group or meeting? Learn how to calm the waters and keep your group focused. Read More

Leading a church is like going to the moon

People thought President Kennedy was crazy when he shot for the moon. Leaders dream big. So what's your church's moonshot? Read More

How to adapt your leadership style to motivate your team

Learn the four primary social styles that we all fall into and how to adapt your leadership to foster better relationships and more productivity among church staff. Read More

5 steps to small-group facilitator success

Stepping up as a small-group facilitator is a great way to strengthen relationships in church and develop leadership skills. It can also be intimidating, but don't fret! We've got you... Read More

Church communication: Tear down the silos!

From creating redundancy to planning events at the same time, working in silos will wreak havoc on your church. Read More

How to plan your biggest event of the year

Do you subscribe to MyCom? Receive the latest tips in communication and marketing for the local church – in your inbox. The current issue features proven methods by savvy planners. Read More

Free tools to help manage small groups

One of the most important aspects of church life is a vibrant small-group and Sunday school ministry. Find free tools to help church leaders increase their effectiveness in facilitating these... Read More

Critical components of SMART church goals

As church leaders, we must translate squishy ministry goals into clear measures and tactics. Find out what well-crafted goals look like using the SMART goals model. Read More

How to run highly effective church staff meetings

Ever leave a meeting utterly confused? Stop wasting time at church staff meetings and learn from these six steps. Read More

Questioning charity: Redefining the role of the church

Some congregations are considering whether it is time to redefine the church's role in charity. What if there's another way? Read More

5 ways to rock the last-minute sermon or lesson

This may not be your finest moment, but it can be far from your worst. Don't pull a college-inspired all nighter or repeat one of your greatest hits. Follow these... Read More

7 creative icebreakers for all ages and church groups

One goal for small groups (especially those meeting for the first couple of times), is to get people talking and help them get to know each other better. Consider these... Read More

Free access to premium apps via Google for Nonprofits

Gaining nonprofit status for Google Apps is a great way for churches to provide enterprise-level email and document management without having a large software expense. Read More

Plan a retreat for your ministry staff

Does your ministry staff take time away from the church building to refocus and re-energize? Perhaps it is time for everyone to get away on a staff retreat. Here are... Read More

9 awesome tools for managing virtual teams

As much as possible, we focused on free options that integrate well with other programs. There are hundreds of similar apps, but we've chiseled it down to help you start... Read More

4 creative summer sermon/lesson ideas

Summer is a great time to try something different and fun with sermons and lessons. Here are several ideas to keep things fresh this summer. Read More

How virtual teams can change everything for church leaders

Virtual interaction is second nature to future church leaders. Some of us in The United Methodist Church need to get up to speed. Learn about the advantages and challenges now. Read More

Find great books for little or no cost

Church leaders are always looking for insight and nothing quite matches the depth of books. Learn how to find formerly expensive books for free (or really cheap) online! Read More

5 benefits of project management for the work of the church

Ever leave a church committee meeting feeling utterly confused? Does your church suffer from volunteer burn out? Project management can help with all that! Read More

When winning friends and influencing people goes awry

As Christians, do we listen to seekers or promote our own script, or worse, use God's word to shut them down? Would you rather be right or effective? Read More

Take an annual church health checkup

Like going to the doctor, the annual church health checkup can help prevent major problems and diagnose necessary changes to maintain a healthy church. Read More

3 inexpensive solutions for getting top-notch training

Conference costs, hotel and transportation can be pricey, even for the most frugal individuals. Don’t worry! Get the same quality content for a fraction of the cost. Read More

13 ways to stay connected with college students

Students often leave the communities where they have grown up. Here are some ways your congregation can help young people maintain their connection to God and their faith community. Read More

8 DIY security hacks to protect church and family on the web

Granting your church and children web access opens a Pandora’s box of content that you don't want them to see. Here are several free security measures you can implement. Read More