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Shining your ministry light: A ‘choose your own email adventure’ story

Embark on a fun interactive exploration of tactical options churches use in their email today. Read More

How to save money with technology. Article by United Methodist Communications. Photo cropped from original.

How to save money with technology

Pinching pennies is never fun, but cutting costs can be good stewardship. Here are several ideas on how to save money using technology. It’s not as hard as you... Read More

Is your church missing out on the latest bright, shiny thing is an article for MyCom eNewsletter, a service of United Methodist Communications.

Is your church missing out on the latest bright, shiny thing?

It's good to be an early adopter! Just be practical and strategic. Do your research. Technology, while great, will not fix bad church strategy. Read More

Online forms for dummies: Easy tips to save time and money

Easily collect emails, donations and volunteer registrations. This isn't up for discussion. Start saving time, money and the environment today. Read More

Drastically increase your email audience

Churches can use opt-ins to gather new names for their databases, send emails and connect with people. Start maximizing the effectiveness of your ministry with opt-ins now. Read More

Create and send bulk emails: A step-by-step screencast

Creating engaging emails doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. In this step-by-step screencast, we will walk you through the basics for two popular email service providers. Read More

Email basics for sending urgent ministry updates

When you send last-minute emails, it’s easy to overlook things. If church plans change, you especially want a high open rate, so nobody misses out. When time is of... Read More

Moving your newsletter into the digital age

The costs of printing is rising and many people are used to receiving e-newsletters in their email inboxes. You don’t have to sell the copier quite yet, but you... Read More

How to program your e-mail to improve its functionality

Even if you are not involved directly in the programming aspects of your e-mails, you can set expectations and ask intelligent questions. Read More

5 tips for building & distributing an e-newsletter

Not only can an e-newsletter help your congregation stay connected, it can also cultivate a relationship with visitors. View

9 computer tricks to save you time and money

Often in ministry, there are not enough hours in the day to cover all the needs of a diverse congregation. Here are nine computer practices to help you save time... Read More

Drop the bullhorn and engage your community in conversation

Instead of bombarding your social media followers with marketing messages, follow Christ’s example of engaging others in conversation and fostering relationships. Read More

Creating an ebook step-by-step

With the rise in eBooks, you may wonder how hard it is to put one together and sell it. The answer is, “Easier than you think.” Here are tips, tools... Read More

Tips for getting people to open (and read) your email

Drawing on the work of successful political campaign strategists and professional email marketers, here are some of the best tips to get people to open and read your mass email. Read More

Planning made easy with free event invitation services

Creating well-designed HTML emails can be daunting. Fortunately, some great free or low-cost services will help you send beautiful email event invitations and capture RSVPs. Read More

SMS texting: 7 new ways to reach church members

Ever need to need to send an announcement or an alert to your congregation quickly? Short Message Server (SMS) text messaging could be the solution. Conduct live surveys, collect sign-up... Read More

Bulk text-message service providers for churches

Putting a message into your audience’s hands is practically gold in the communications world. So here is our comprehensive list of text-message services you can use to connect with... Read More

8 low-cost or free Web-based tools for ministry

With all the apps available online, it's difficult to know which ones will be most helpful. Here are some fabulous low-cost or free tools. Read More

5 tips for successful service events

Research from United Methodist Communications discovered churches that provide community service opportunities are viewed much more favorably because of their active, "outside the church" approach. View

Top email service providers for churches

Are you looking for a better way to spread the word about announcements or to organize events for your church? Sending a professional looking e-newsletter can be easy with the... Read More

Use technology to extend worship beyond the sanctuary (Part 1)

Are you thinking of video streaming your worship service? Why? Think instead about how to use technology to share Christ beyond the sanctuary. Learn how now. Read More

Free church downloads: sermons, media and more!

Back by popular demand is another installment of technology-themed freebies for churches! Check out a variety of worship, print, website, social media and church management resources. Read More

5 tips for writing articles that get noticed

If you’re ready to create an e-newsletter, or you just want to spruce up your writing skills, United Methodist Communications has put together five quick tips to help you... View

Live Skype calls during worship link those near and far

Skype offers your congregation an ideal and inexpensive way to communicate often with missionaries and others whom you want to stay connected to your church. Read More

5 tips for effective and easy e-newsletters

As printing expenses continue to increase, e-newsletters provide a great way for churches to save money. Here are five quick tips for creating an effective (and easy!) e-newsletter for your... View

Fresh ideas and resources to engage email readers

Email continues to have many advantages oversocial mediaand can be an exciting marketing tool when you apply new and creative ideas. Here are some to get you started Read More

Empowering children’s ministry through technology

One way to encourage dedicated time focused on Jesus is to use technologiesreadily accessible in many homes and libraries to connect with lessons. Read More

Keeping readers’ attention: 13 tips for writers

It is a challenge today to write online content that can survive the average Web- surfer's short attention span. Follow these tips to make sure your writing is the best... Read More

30 email tips you need to know ... OR ELSE

The following best practices will help optimize your e-mails, so the design is consistent across all e-mail clients. Read More

Retreat online to save money and involve more people

Work and family activities already fill your congregants’ schedules. Committing to another must-do activity is not likely to top the average person’s list.
Read More

Liven up your church directory in print and online

Make the church directory an indispensible ministry tool for everyone to use. Read More

Draw people in with concise copy

Dealing with words—spoken and written—takes lots of time and practice. The right word can make all the difference. The wrong word can wreak havoc.
Read More

Online communication: make strategy your foundation

Prison ministries take the church behind bars to play to a captivated crowd. Read More

Do you have an online communication policy?

Social media opens a whole new can of worms - the need to protect you and your church while encouraging online interactions. Read More

“E” can stand for easy in e-Newsletters

An e-newsletter needs to be easy to do, easy to distribute and easy to understand. Creating a plan of attack is crucial for success. Read More

Online document sharing strengthens collaboration

Use document-sharing tools online to enhance communication, increase efficiency and develop exciting Web ministry experiences. Read More

Online photo sharing: communicating God’s love through a universal language

According to Walt Disney, "Of all our innovations for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language." Read More

Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!  We’re talking e-newsletters!

The terms "e-newsletter", "e-card" and "e-mail" are thrown around all the time. What are their distinguishing characteristics? Read More

Online sermons offer alternative for members and seekers

Offering your sermons online is an excellent tool for church members and seekers.
Read More

What? My reputation has a score now?

If you send too many bad e-mails too often to too many bad e-mail addresses, you could be hurting your digital reputation. Read More

Must church-based organizations comply with the CAN-SPAM law?

Why worry about compliance with the 2003 CAN-SPAM law? Read More

Segment, target and personalize your emails

If you have more information than name and e-mail address on your constituents and e-mail subscribers, why not use it? Read More

5 tips to write effective e-mail copy

Because e-mail is a popular way to share information quickly and inexpensively, it’s important to write copy that invites people to read further—and that doesn’t even remotely... Read More