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How to use Adobe Spark for easy church graphic design

Here's a great screencast tutorial on how Adobe Spark can help your church create sermon series graphics, scripture quotes, event posters and much more! Read More

Build a better women’s ministry with technology

Despite their stressful schedules, women need ways to become more spiritually engaged. Here are a few tips to help your busy ladies find downtime, fun and fellowship. Read More

How to make church memes and why they matter

Lighten up and ride the wave of viral memes as a part of your marketing strategy. Learn how to promote events, recruit volunteers and share scriptures with style! Read More

10 more ways to use Instagram to promote your church (part 2)

If you have a good grasp on using Instagram for ministry, then dive deeper and learn even more ways to promote your church and connect your congregation. Read More

The Rev. Julie Boone leads worship at McKendree United Methodist Church in Lawrenceville, Ga. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

PowerPoint tools and timing techniques for churches

Follow these tips for incorporating sound and more effectively timing slide transitions to help elevate the flow of your worship service. Read More

How to save money with technology. Article by United Methodist Communications. Photo cropped from original.

How to save money with technology

Pinching pennies is never fun, but cutting costs can be good stewardship. Here are several ideas on how to save money using technology. It’s not as hard as you... Read More

Is your church missing out on the latest bright, shiny thing is an article for MyCom eNewsletter, a service of United Methodist Communications.

Is your church missing out on the latest bright, shiny thing?

It's good to be an early adopter! Just be practical and strategic. Do your research. Technology, while great, will not fix bad church strategy. Read More

How to do video announcements: 5 questions to ask

Video announcements may seem daunting, but creating them is a great introduction to basic video editing and could really breathe new life into all areas of your ministry. Read More

Find great books for little or no cost

Church leaders are always looking for insight and nothing quite matches the depth of books. Learn how to find formerly expensive books for free (or really cheap) online! Read More

Church: There’s an app for that

There truly is an app for almost everything. Many churches have jumped on the app bandwagon, offering everything from donations to podcasts. Let’s look at the options for using... Read More

Easily edit sermon or podcast audio with Audacity

This free multi-track audio editing tool is just what most churches need to edit sermon audio. This screencast will take you through all you need to know from importing/recording... Read More

Get tons of clicks: Choosing the right images

Many visitors access your site through a link shared on social media. Often, what attracts attention is the image associated with the post. Here are some tips on selecting images... Read More

Create stunning images with free Photoshop alternative: GIMP

GIMP has many of the high-powered, eye-opening features without the premium price tag. This screencast will walk you through the basics of GIMP so you can edit and export images... Read More

Easy steps to improve background images for PowerPoint

Learn to edit your church images for PowerPoint and make them rock as backgrounds! Once you crop, blur, desaturate, and use lower-third images, sit back and enjoy custom backgrounds that... Read More

Audio recording for church podcasts from start to finish

If you know how to get your podcast up and running, then it's time to listen carefully and make sure you are recording great audio. Here is what you need... Read More

Graphic design trends for churches

Like most artistic expressions graphic design goes through changes that reflect the spirit of the times. Learn about and view several examples of the most current trends in 2014. Read More

3 free steps to start your podcast today

With just a computer and a connection to the internet, you can broadcast your audio content to the world. Here are three easy steps to podcasting today. Read More

5 ways you can change the world with technology

Keep these tips in mind when planning a mission trip to a developing country to help provide better access to education, economic development and disease prevention. Read More

9 creative tips to enhance projection in worship (Part Two)

Even on a small budget and with a volunteer workforce, it is possible to create quality imagery and use your screen effectively to enhance worship and share God's story in... Read More

How to stream worship beyond the sanctuary (Part 2)

Many streaming services promise that all you need is a webcam and an Internet connection. However, streaming requires a significant amount of time, resources and the commitment of volunteers. Read More

What video hosting services should your church use?

If you have videos to share, but are unsure about which service to use, this review of available providers will help you make the best decision for your needs. Read More

Creating an ebook step-by-step

With the rise in eBooks, you may wonder how hard it is to put one together and sell it. The answer is, “Easier than you think.” Here are tips, tools... Read More

Video marketing Part 2: Production tips for video marketing

Although countless viral videos prove content triumphs over production quality, we still want to cover basic filming techniques. If you have prep time, follow these tips to enhance your efforts. Read More

Breaking the chains of clip art for free

You can always purchase quality stock images from sites like But there are also sites that provide images of the same, or similar, quality for free. Read More

Video marketing Part 1: Can I do it and is it worth it?

Technology and lower costs make video production accessible to most churches. Let usdispel misconception, so you may enhance your church marketing efforts with video! Read More

Taking inviting photos of your church

Carelessly photographed church pictures can convey a negative message. Here are techniques for capturing photos that will welcome people before they ever set foot in the doors. Read More

Connecting with the “plugged-in” at your church

More people are moving to online communications. The church needs to change how it communicates to stay connected with an "always-on" congregation. Read More

5 tips for taking better photos with your smartphone

Beyond finding the best lighting, planning shots and experimenting with perspective, how do you take your smartphone images to the next level? Here are five quick tips. Read More

8 low-cost or free Web-based tools for ministry

With all the apps available online, it's difficult to know which ones will be most helpful. Here are some fabulous low-cost or free tools. Read More

It’s time! Put your sermon audio online: Best hosting plans

Among any church's most easily shared resources is the weekly sermon. Learn about the best tools and services for adding them to your site. Read More

Cool tools to make your own infographics

An infographic is a storyboard in one image, loaded with information. With great tools like these, making your own infographics does not require graphic-design training or html knowledge. Read More

Illustration of man pointing to a mobile device with youtube on the screen. Illustration by Mohamed Hassan,

Optimization and cards in YouTube (Part 2)

Optimized YouTube videos increase your channel's rank in search results. Here are a few tips and advanced techniques for adding keywords, call to actions and more. Read More

Don’t ignore the second largest search engine: YouTube (Part 1)

If you or your church wants to be found online, you need a YouTube account, a noteworthy channel and some optimization basics. Read More

Common elements in viral videos

Having a video go viral is like winning the lottery: The winners are few, and the dreamers countless. Learn about the factors that can increase your chances of succeeding. Read More

Simple photography tips to capture ministry moments

Make your congregation’s memories last a lifetime. At your next outreach event, use these tips from amateur and professional photographers to capture life-changing, memorable moments on film or video. Read More

5 Tips to create PowerPoints with pizazz!

PowerPoint presentations can be an awesome learning tool. But don’t fall prey to PowerPoint blunders. Here are five quick tips for a perfect PowerPoint presentation. View

Free church downloads: sermons, media and more!

Back by popular demand is another installment of technology-themed freebies for churches! Check out a variety of worship, print, website, social media and church management resources. Read More

Let’s talk audio and video in PowerPoint

Think that PowerPoint can only produce dull, boring backgrounds? Keep reading, as that myth is debunked. Learn how to use audio and video to turn a ho-hum presentation into an... Read More

5 Tips for shooting compelling video

You don’t need an elaborate Hollywood set-up to produce quality clips. Here are five quick tips for creating compelling video with simple equipment like a cell phone or a... View

Live Skype calls during worship link those near and far

Skype offers your congregation an ideal and inexpensive way to communicate often with missionaries and others whom you want to stay connected to your church. Read More

Must-have mobile apps for church leaders

After scouring the Internet and consulting with techie pastors, laity and bloggers, here is MyCom's "Top 10 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Church Leaders." Read More

Overcoming the 6 reasons churches don’t use projection in worship (Part One)

Some churches invest in projection technology, only to realize it isn't practical to use in their worship space.Consider these points before diving in. Read More

5 ways your church can benefit from cloud computing

Your church can benefit from several free and low-cost ways to use cloud technology, which allows you to access, and often edit, pictures, music, video and documents anytime, anywhere. Read More

Free software downloads: office and ministry tools

Software, graphic design tools and music licenses can cost churches thousands of dollars. However, many programs have a free and open source equivalent. Read More

9 tips for starting online small groups

Online Bible studies can bring group members together for instant interaction without the logistical hurdles of travel time, babysitters and work schedules. Read More

2009 movies that will preach

Consider showing a clip from one these films to drive your message home in a culturally meaningful and relevant way. Read More

Podcasting setup with microphone and computer. Image by Nicolas Solop,

12 commandments for successful podcasting

Bad and boring podcasting is easy to accomplish. It is important to get podcasting right from the start. Read More

5 ways to satiate tech savvy people in your church

Technology is exponentially increasing ways to engage in worship outside the traditional service. Read More

Play movies with purpose and legal permission

Movie plots are proof that Hollywood learned a long time ago about the modern-day morality issues that pastors address weekly from the pulpit. Read More

Flip camera: an ideal tool for ministry

Thanks to the Flip camcorder, sharing a viewpoint is now as easy as recording a video clip and downloading it online... Read More