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Shooting events (like the Special Session) in unexpected conditions

Large events held in large spaces offer challenges (and opportunities) for photographers. Get pro tips about what to pack and what to look for. Read More

6 digital photography tips to upgrade your ministry communications

Communicate your church's story -- visually and authentically -- with these easy photo tips. Read More

Shining your ministry light: A ‘choose your own email adventure’ story

Embark on a fun interactive exploration of tactical options churches use in their email today. Read More

According to Ginger Gaines-Cirelli, preachers need to address the pain, injustice, confusion, and chaos in the world. She offers guidance on approaching controversial issues in meaningful and responsible ways. Image courtesy of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership.

4 tips for preaching on politically-charged topics

According to Ginger Gaines-Cirelli, preachers need to address the pain, injustice, confusion, and chaos in the world. This guidance will help you approach controversial issues in meaningful and responsible ways. Read More

How to organize communication requests at your church

In churches of any size, it can be hard to stay on top of every request. With planning and free digital tools, you can design a system that works for... Read More

Getting the entire congregation involved in communication efforts

Just like symphonies are made up of people who play different roles, churches need to divide the task of communicating internally and externally among volunteers. Read More

How to incorporate holidays in church communication

Holidays offer both the opportunity to engage and the potential for missteps. These tips will help you navigate the collision between holidays and holy days. Read More

Essential podcasts for United Methodist Leaders

Podcasts give us levity and wisdom while we're waiting around. Here's 12 United Methodist podcasts covering the gamut of communications, technology, leadership, lectionary, young people's ministry and more! Read More

How to better communicate with your congregation

These ideas will help you make sure that all your messages — from the Sunday sermon to event announcements — are being clearly and consistently communicated to everyone in your congregation. Read More

3 New Year’s resolutions for church communicators

Online communication is constantly changing. If we don't adapt, we will be ignored or forgotten. Adopting these three resolutions will help you keep up with the techniques and approaches that... Read More

How to help your congregation cope with grief

While each situation is different, there are a variety of ways your church can offer spiritual comfort and support during difficult times. Read More

Critical thinking. Photo illustration by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications.

Separating fact from fiction: A guide to critical thinking

How can we limit the impact of viral falsehoods in the Information Age? How can we guard against being manipulated? What would Jesus share? Read More

Woman taking letters out of a mailbox. Image by Andrey Popov,

How to rethink your church’s direct mail strategy

Physical mail is not out for the count. Revisit your mail strategy and think about when and why you might send paper to people via their local mail carrier. Read More

5 incredible illustrations from biblical archaeology

Stories in the Bible can sometimes be difficult to visualize. These biblical archaeology illustrations bring the Bible to life by showing how God was at work in the lives of... Read More

Capture attention with creative church announcements

Don't let church announcements take away from the most important aspects of worship. Here are four ways to creatively communicate and keep people focused on what's important. Read More

Make your ministry announcements better: Tips that boost action

Move beyond simply announcing the who, when and where. Preaching announcements can show people how they can put their faith to work. Read More

10 creative ways to explore a Bible passage

Let's be honest. Sometimes the Bible is hard to understand. Break out of the box with these creative ways to unlock meaning and better communicate the message of each passage. Read More

Church communication: Tear down the silos!

From creating redundancy to planning events at the same time, working in silos will wreak havoc on your church. Read More

5 ways to rock the last-minute sermon or lesson

This may not be your finest moment, but it can be far from your worst. Don't pull a college-inspired all nighter or repeat one of your greatest hits. Follow these... Read More

Free access to premium apps via Google for Nonprofits

Gaining nonprofit status for Google Apps is a great way for churches to provide enterprise-level email and document management without having a large software expense. Read More

9 awesome tools for managing virtual teams

As much as possible, we focused on free options that integrate well with other programs. There are hundreds of similar apps, but we've chiseled it down to help you start... Read More

4 creative summer sermon/lesson ideas

Summer is a great time to try something different and fun with sermons and lessons. Here are several ideas to keep things fresh this summer. Read More

5 tips for internal church communications

We often focus on communicating with those outside of the church, but it’s important to do an audit on how you communicate with those within your congregation. Learn how... Read More

7 ways to help a sermon preach all week

Learn how to prepare the congregation for weekly worship and then help them apply what they have learned all week. Read More

5 great sermon ideas for a happy new year

As the new year begins, it's time to start thinking about how you can help people engage with the story of God through your sermons. Here are some great ideas... Read More

8 church communication faux pas

Effective church communication is more than preaching a sermon that inspires. It requires careful planning and consideration of your audience. Read More

You don’t have to spend big to get BIG: Large-format printing tips

With the advances in printing technology, churches can afford to print big. Don't limit your thinking to walls. Large-format prints can be applied to vehicles, floors, countertops, window clings and... Read More

Write and share your church’s history of living in faith

Your church's history lets your congregation and community connect by reading stories of faith meeting the needs of the members, the local community and the world. Read More

Connecting with the “unplugged” in your church

While today's technology allows for richer communication options than ever before, studies have shown that the digital divide is still very real. Here are ways to improve your communication with... Read More

6 quick tips to make Sunday’s sermon even better

Avoid having the entire congregation simultaneously checking their watches and cell phones. Here are six tips to help you grab and keep everyone's attention for the entire service. Read More

Use the art of storytelling to resonate

Our faith is rich in stories of transformation and forgiveness. The stories of Jesus, the apostles, John Wesley and many others can create fundamental change in your community. Read More

Find and focus on one awesome calling

Jesus did not follow conventions of worship or doctrine. Instead, he focused on how a loving God yearned to save lost people. Through his single-focused mission, he defied the norm... Read More

Print for the 21st century

A community of faith includes people in many stages of life. That makes it difficult for printed materials to address all the variables in a potential audience. Wouldn't it be... Read More

5 tips for conducting a communications audit

Even if communications is already a priority in your church, might there be opportunities for growth? Find out. Gather a team and perform a church communications audit. Read More

Tips for reaching people through their mailbox

When done well, direct mail is still a viable way to raise funds, reach newcomers to the community and welcome visitors. Here are some tips for maximizing your direct-mail efforts. Read More

8 tips to re-energize inactive members

Intentional relational efforts and constant communication can prevent new members from becoming idle and re-engage those people who have become inactive. Read More

Preaching controversial issues without dividing the church

Controversial issues need God's light, not Hollywood or political spin. Here are some pointers from Adam Hamilton on how to tackle such topics with respect, humility and love. Read More

Using parables to inspire and teach

Learn how to use creativity and real-life stories to help your congregation - from the youngest to the oldest - relate the teachings of Jesus' parables to their lives. Read More

5 tips for crisis communications

Whether a crisis strikes without warning or there's a simmering situation that gradually gets out of hand, you want to be prepared when your reputation is on the line. View

Alleviate stress: Plan ahead with editorial calendars

Editorial calendars are great because they help set efficient production schedules. Give your team plenty of time to write content. You shouldn't have to stress when someone gets sick and... Read More

Connect print with mobile media via QR (Quick Response) codes

So your church wants a quick response from a program flier it has created and distributed to the community? QR codes are an excellent solution. Read More

7 tips to prevent church conflict (part one)

Here are some tips on preventing staff conflicts – learned the hard way. Read More

9 tips to deal with conflict in your church

Conflict is inevitable, but it can be managed. Use these tips yourself or with others in your church.
Read More

9 tips for giving and receiving criticism

Critiques can either ignite creative fire or, if delivered poorly, extinguish the creative spark and hinder productivity. Read More

Keeping readers’ attention: 13 tips for writers

It is a challenge today to write online content that can survive the average Web- surfer's short attention span. Follow these tips to make sure your writing is the best... Read More

How do adults learn?

Where there's connection, there's education. Ensure you're making the impact you want by learning all about learning. Read More

Communication audit syncs everything together

Imagine what would happen if you created all of your congregation's communications resources to work together. Read More

Liven up your church directory in print and online

Make the church directory an indispensible ministry tool for everyone to use. Read More

10 church signs that make people cringe

Many churches think their pithy sayings are witty and attractive, but in reality, the messages may be poorly written and embarrassing. Read More

Communication: Is anyone listening?

In order for people to hear our information above the cacophony of noise, our communication must be relevant, pertinent and timely. Read More