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How to use Adobe Spark for easy church graphic design

Here's a great screencast tutorial on how Adobe Spark can help your church create sermon series graphics, scripture quotes, event posters and much more! Read More

Which social media platform is the best for getting your message out? Illustration by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications.

Facebook vs. Twitter: Which social media advertising to use?

Social media is a crucial platform for getting your message out. But how do you choose which service to use? Get some tips from a professional marketer. Read More

Marketing magnets that bring new people to you!

All churches want to connect and engage with people in their community. Lead magnets, a tool common in business but uncommon in the church world, provide a way to begin... Read More

Essential podcasts for United Methodist Leaders

Podcasts give us levity and wisdom while we're waiting around. Here's 12 United Methodist podcasts covering the gamut of communications, technology, leadership, lectionary, young people's ministry and more! Read More

How much should your church spend on marketing?

Be intentional about putting your church marketing budget to work in the best way possible to do the important work of evangelism. Read More

Woman taking letters out of a mailbox. Image by Andrey Popov,

How to rethink your church’s direct mail strategy

Physical mail is not out for the count. Revisit your mail strategy and think about when and why you might send paper to people via their local mail carrier. Read More

The United Methodist Church offers a variety of branding and advertising resources. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Making the most of your advertising dollars

Even with limited funds, you can learn how to effectively share the good word about your church. Employ these strategies from successful advertising campaigns. Read More

Turn strangers into members and promoters of your church

People don't want their lives interrupted by constant marketing -- they want to be helped. Align goals with their needs and people will help promote your cause. Read More

How to get people in pews by creating excellent content

The world of social media is full of people clicking, reading and promoting things for free, but how do you get them to do that for your program, event or... Read More

Logo from 2015 Branding Toolkit of The United Methodist Church, courtesy of United Methodist Communications.

UMC branding 101: Templates and guidelines

A church logo is its personal "face" to the world. Use the UMC Branding Toolkit to retain your church's unique identity while benefiting from the UMC's recognition. Read More

How to reach newcomers to your area with Facebook ads

71 percent of online adults use Facebook. Learn how to get your church’s message in front of them. You can target people based on location, likes, life circumstances, age and... Read More

You don’t have to spend big to get BIG: Large-format printing tips

With the advances in printing technology, churches can afford to print big. Don't limit your thinking to walls. Large-format prints can be applied to vehicles, floors, countertops, window clings and... Read More

Tips for reaching people through their mailbox

When done well, direct mail is still a viable way to raise funds, reach newcomers to the community and welcome visitors. Here are some tips for maximizing your direct-mail efforts. Read More

Give your church bulletin a facelift

Perhaps it is time to evaluate your bulletin and look for ways to improve it. Here are some ideas for increasing the effectiveness of your worship bulletin. Read More

Churches collaborate to advertise effectively

Many churches have limited advertising resources. Combine forces to advertise effectively and strengthen the fellowship of area churches at the same time. Read More

Connect print with mobile media via QR (Quick Response) codes

So your church wants a quick response from a program flier it has created and distributed to the community? QR codes are an excellent solution. Read More

Should your church advertise on Facebook? (part one)

The answer is a resounding "yes!" When you advertise on Facebook, you can reach almost any demographic imaginable, efficiently and effectively. Read More

More bang for your graphic design efforts

Stock your design toolbox with inexpensive tools. Make your job easier and your projects shine! Read More

10 church signs that make people cringe

Many churches think their pithy sayings are witty and attractive, but in reality, the messages may be poorly written and embarrassing. Read More

Create the right online advertising plan

Web-based advertising campaigns can help bring younger people into your United Methodist community. Read More

Brilliant brochure design

The first step to good design has nothing to do with pictures, words, lines or layout. Read More

Advertising 201

Now that we've covered creating a radio advertisement, let's focus on effective newspaper advertising. Read More

Radio advertising rockettes

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, seeker's minds are ripe for attending church and re-igniting that fire for Christ. Read More