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God’s love radically transforms at Grace Kids UMC



(South Louisville, Kentucky)

Grace Kids United Methodist Church, created solely for children and youth in a dangerous Kentucky neighborhood, is evidence that God’s love continues to radically transform.

Rev. Corey Nelson, senior pastor, Grace Kids United Methodist Church: “We have spent countless resources chasing after the Millennials and how do we attract them. And, obviously, they are important to God too. But what we are doing here is going beyond that and we’re getting into a generation before we lose them. We aren’t trying to win back this generation. We’re getting them now.

These kids are coming from different paradigms than what we’ve been used to as a church. And they are coming from a place where they don’t even know the name of Jesus. I’ve had kids come into the church who believe I’m saying a bad word when I say ‘Jesus.’

Be present and let the kids know:
They are accepted.
God loves them.
You love them.

To be able to trust that simply being present, accepting the kids where they’re at, letting them know that God loves them and showing them how God loves them and also showing them we love them, has had a tremendous impact. It’s certainly not taken away the issues that they face. But it’s given them the means to deal with it better. We are giving them a foundation they didn’t otherwise have.

These kids deal with so much that they can’t see beyond what’s in front of them. And when you can’t see that and you’re being told at home that you’re worthless and you’re being told at school that you’re worthless, they have no hope. They don’t know what that looks like.

And then they come to a place like this and they begin to see that they have value. They begin to see that they are special, that they are loved, that there’s a God who loves them so much that He died for them. And you can see that switch go off.

If that’s not the Gospel, if that’s not first century Church stuff, I don’t know what is. They literally have never heard it and they receive it in ways that transform them almost on the spot.”


The Grace Kids pastors may be reached via email at or by calling 502-794-5285.

The video was produced by United Methodist Communications in Nashville, Tennessee. Media contact is Crystal Caviness, 615-742-5138

This video was first posted on June 21, 2018.